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Introducing the Formation Quilt - Restyled Introducing the Formation Quilt - Restyled! If you're like me those lovely little panels always catch your eye! I typically look at the supplied pattern from the fabric manufacturer on how to use the panel but not for this Art Gallery Fabric panel - I decided to pave my own way and incorporate it with our Formation Quilt! Check out the original Formation quilt pattern HERE. You'll need (6) Panels trimmed to 12.5"x18.5" to incorporate into the pattern - see the layout at the bottom of this post for the placement I used in...

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Introducing the Beach Quilt Pattern Inspiration The Beach Quilt Pattern is a block based quilt pattern with strip pieced borders to mimic the look of a beach towel - but one big enough for the whole family! As a family we always gravitate towards using one quilt for certain task or outing. During the summer months in northern Minnesota we spend many days at the beach that's walking distance from our house and I realized we didn't have a "Beach Quilt". You know that quilt that everyone knows exactly what your talking about when you say "grab the beach quilt!"...

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Introducing the Horizon Quilt Pattern Inspiration The Horizon Quilt Pattern is a strip quilt with simple style and a modern vibe. When the skies are crystal blue and have those thin, long clouds that look like brush strokes - that's the inspiration for the Horizon Quilt Pattern. The Horizon pattern has been rattling around my head for quite some time. I am so happy that it's finally been brought to life and that I overcame the fear that maybe a simple strip quilt was TOO simple to make a pattern for. This quilt is something that I am more than...

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