'O Christmas Tree' Table Runner

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'O Christmas Tree' Table Runner

Happy July everyone! I just wrapped up the 'O Christmas Tree' Table Runner. Let me tell you that it's one of the simplest patterns that will spruce (pun intended) up your holiday decor.

Sew you wanna know how much time it's going to take?

4 hours total from cutting all the way through binding

All of the shown fabrics are in the 'O Christmas Tree' Table Runner Kits.

Approximate Finished Size: 18" x 40"

This is also a great scrap buster project if you find yourself with a ton of greens in your stash.

I loved the look of Connie and Roxanne's sample table runner, so I mimicked the string lights in the tree, with a metallic gold thread.

Tips to avoid the dreaded seam ripper:

-When selecting the number of fabrics you are going to use for the trees, be sure to select the correlating cut in the cutting chart. Same with the trunks and background...I used 6 different fabrics for the trees, with 1 background fabric and 1 tree trunk fabric.

-Be sure to read through the pattern all the way through, since there are many different options in regard to number of fabrics in use, it's good to just be aware of when what pieces are to be cut or sewn

-I got caught in sewing mode and had sewn all the trees together before adding my tree trunks...big mistake. I tried adding a chain of tree trunks to my trees, and they just weren't lining up with the trees. So I dusted off the seam ripper.

-Use your layout guide to make are you are happy with the layout of your fabrics for each tree

-This is a great pattern for learning half rectangle triangles (HRT), especially since you are repeating the same block

Grab the 'O Christmas Tree' Table Runner Kit HERE!

Grab the ' O Christmas Tree' Table Runner Pattern HERE



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