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So today we are covering the Simple Softie pattern that we offer from Modern Textiles. This pattern gives you endless options for what your softie will look like! This little bunny was an Easter gift and has clearly been given many hugs and is loved by my little helper.

Bunbun swinging in a swing my grandpa made for me as a kid.

Sew you wanna know how much time it's going to take?

About 45 minutes. I’m terrible with hand embroidery (the eyes are French knots) so those were time consuming, especially since I hadn’t successfully done them before - I'll have to show the epic fail of the Baby Bunnies I practiced on. To say they look possessed is putting it nicely.

The front doubles as a pocket for friends to tag along.

Finished Size: The body is about 12” tall x 6” wide (approximately depending on what ears you go with, width does not include arms)

Bunny just relaxing on another grandpa creation. I was spoiled with handmade gifts as a kid.

Tips to avoid the dreaded seam ripper:

-Practice your hand embroidery on a scrap piece of fabric, so you dont have a worn out eye hole from snipping bad stitch placement or eyes that start to fall out of the socket.

-For the nose, I used a scrap piece of black felt from the Ruby the bear rug project.

-I added pipe-cleaners in the ears, to give them ability to stick straight up or molded to your desire.

-This whole project was made from leftovers from past projects, including the stuffing!

CLICK HERE to grab your copy of the MT Simple Softie Pattern.




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