The Collection Throw Quilt - FREE Pattern

Free Pattern -

The Collection Throw Quilt - FREE Pattern

For you speed sewists out there - this may be your go-to pattern to burn up some fat quarters or half yards. This pattern is written for use with 7 different half yards of flannel.

My grandpa always rocked flannel shirts, so this is a fun quilt that makes me think of him every time I grab it.

Sew you wanna know how much time it's going to take?

2-3 hours for the entire quilt top

Tips to avoid the dreaded seam ripper:

-If you are wanting to use flannel like I did, select 7 different half yards from our flannel collection

-The layout guide is just a suggestion, so be sure to look over the final quilt top layout before you start sewing

-Have fun and use some awesome prints for your collection throw!


Do you like the flannels I chose? Grab the collection quilt top bundle here

Otherwise download the Collection Throw free pattern here!


Have a wonderful weekend!




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