The Connection Bag

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The Connection Bag

I love the cleanliness of a new purse, but for some reason those pesky small pockets are difficult to get bobby pins out of! Last time I checked most of our phones are the size of a small tablet, so why are the pockets still fitted for a flip phone? Enter the connection bag: you can decide how big the pockets are.

This is the perfect size bag, big enough for all your daily essentials!

Sew you wanna know how much time it's going to take?

Set aside 3-4 hours for this medium size bag

Here is the back of the same bag, it has two large pockets! Shown with the laptop in main compartment.

Tips to avoid the dreaded seam ripper:

-Take your time to read through the pattern (as you would with every other pattern, right?)

-Make sure to use a zipper foot when it's called out for in the pattern

-I found it helpful to layout the fabrics in the order that they are listed in the pattern (A, B, C and D). Rather than having to continue to remind myself which ones where which.

-When sewing with a metal zipper - just sew as close to the zipper as possible, then move the fabric and zipper forward just so you are past the zipper and continue sewing.

-Grab yourself some wonder-clips, when you have some many layers of fabric it's pretty tough to pin through all of them without bending or breaking needles.

Check out the The Collection Bag Pattern - HERE! There are 3 different styles of bags in each pattern!

Or the Collection Bag Kit - HERE! Kits are while supplies last only!

Maybe you need some metal zippers, here is the one that was used in the sample - HERE!

Digging the fabrics used in this blog? Here are the links for the Swans, Melange Grey, and Chimes.

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    Hi Katie. I am on the program committee from Lakes Area Quilt Guild in Alexandria. Inquiring if you would interested in doing a presentation/demo sometime for our quilt guild. When you have time please email or call me at 320-304-4166.

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