Traveling Checkerboard

MT Original

This project was such a fun one! I can't wait to use it this summer while out camping or even on the deck.

Sew you wanna know how much time it's going to take?

About 2-3 hours for the full project

Will luck be on your side? This horseshoe print is fun for the back of the checkerboard.

Finished Size: Approximately 19"x 19"

I kept it simple with the quilting of the checkerboard, just doing a back and forth following the parallel seam lines of the checkerboard.

Tips to avoid the dreaded seam ripper:

-Take the time to press the playing top, before adding the boarder pieces.

-Be sure to PRESS and not Iron - ironing can distort the overall dimensions of the checkerboard. If your a perfectionist, the finished project will bother you until the end of time :)

-Definitely use interfacing for the backing and the zipper pouch. It adds stability to the overall zipper pocket and to the checkerboard.

Check out the the Traveling Checkerboard Pattern - HERE!

You can also make this exact checkerboard with this kit - HERE!

Grab wooden checkerboard pieces  - HERE!


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