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Modern Textiles

Floor Pouf Pattern

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We love the versatility of the floor pouf and we know you will too! It's extra seating, an ottoman, and a coffee table all in one. And it's a fun way to add a pop of color and print to any room. Our version, like all the Modern Textiles' patterns, comes from trial and error and lots of math! Which leaves you with the fun part of picking out the fabric and sewing it up!


1-1/2 yards fabric

We recommend home decor weight for durability, but this could easily be made out of any woven non-stretchy fabric.

1-1/2 yard batting 

We recommend Quilter's Dream Fusion Batting, which is a fusible cotton batting. It's just the right weight without being too thick and you have the option of fusing it to your fabric if you want.


It takes roughly two kitchen size garbage bags of fabric scraps, clothes, etc. to fill a pouf. Using scraps and recycled clothing creates a really sturdy, heavy pouf. Shredded foam from an upholstery supplier is another great option and fills out the shape of the pouf nicely while being much more lightweight and squishy. It takes about two bags of shredded foam to fill a pouf and costs about $6 per bag from our local favorite Mac's Hardware. A combination of foam and recycled clothing could also be a great option to add weight to the pouf. It all depends on your personal preferences. Our personal mottos is always to use what we have and recycle whenever possible. Get creative and see what you might already have to fill your floor pouf.

We also recommend the Quilters Curved Needles. It will make the last finishing step much easier.

The opportunities to make the floor pouf your own are endless!

-Mix and match your fabrics for the pouf sections to create a funky colorful pouf.

-Use bright colored thread or embroidery thread to stitch the top circle on your pouf for a more music feel.

-Notice how much the pouf could look like a pumpkin, apple, or tomato in the right fabrics? The kids in your life would love oversized food and holiday decorations! Go for it!