Hallow's Eve Wool Felt

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Manufacturer: National Nonwovens

Designer: National Nonwovens

Collection: Woolfelt Style TOY002

Print: Hallow's Eve

Material: Blend of 35% of Virgin Merino Wool and 65% rayon

Description: 35/36" wide

Use this Hallow's Eve color as part of the fire for the Campfire Pillow Set!

Please note purchasing options:

Quantity 1 = 1/2 yard of fabric

Quantity 2 = 1 yard of fabric

Quantity 3 = 1-1/2 yards of fabric

...and so on.

National Nonwoven wool felt is manufactured in the USA. This particular product has a blend of 35% of Virgin Merino Wool and 65% rayon and is thicker and more durable than synthetic felts. This felt is soft to the touch, durable and easy to work with. The felt weight is 6oz per square yard and the thickness ranges between .8mm - 1.2mm. This product is a great alternative to using 100% Wool and at a fraction of the cost.

This wool felt is ideal for school projects, quilting, sewing, crafts, arts, home decor, and more! This product can be stitched (hand and/or machine), glued, embroidered or needle felted. This product is dry clean only after you being your project. You can wash/dry this product before you begin your project - shrinkage is between 15% - 20% and drying it in the dryer will give a wooly effect!