FREE Apron Pattern - Your New Father's Day Go-To Gift!

FREE Apron Pattern - Your New Father's Day Go-To Gift!

What better way to say Happy Father’s Day than a handmade gift? Guys can be hard to craft for though, so we wrote a quick and easy tutorial for a useful gift that we are sure the guy in your life will enjoy.

We designed this simple apron with the dad who loves to grill in mind. The adjustable neck strap and side ties make it perfect for gifting since you don’t have to be sure about size and placement preferences. (Everybody likes their apron just a bit different, don’t they?)

We made ours from our new Reversible Railroad Denim. It’s a nice sturdy weight that will look great on and will soak up lots of cooking mess. And it’s reversible! This apron would also be great in any of our solid canvases. Our cotton twill tape is a quick easy way to finish off the neck strap and ties. Print out our free apron pattern here (it’s just 3 pages) and let’s get started! Modern Textiles' Guy's Grilling Apron Supplies: One yard Railroad Denim or solid canvas (It's a good idea to prewash the fabric for this project) 3 yards 3/4" wide natural twill tape Overlap the printed pattern pages by 1/4” all the way around and tape them together following the layout plan below. Tape together paper, use newsprint, or our favorite go-to Swedish Tracing Paper to create a 14-3/4” x 19” rectangle. Tape this to the printed pattern piece as noted below.

Cut one apron from your fabric on the fold. (Be sure to refold the fabric – don’t use the fold off the bolt – so that you have enough fabric to make the pocket.)

Cut a 13” x 9-1/2” rectangle for the pocket.

Step 1: Finish the top edge of the apron. Fold the top edge down ½” (so wrong sides touch.) Press well. Fold over another ¾” and press again. Pin together and top stitch in place stitching close to the bottom folded edge. Topstitching tips: Start with a new needle, go slow, test your tension on a scrap of fabric, choose thread color carefully and be extra careful when backstitching! Step 2: Finish the straight edge section of the sides. Repeat the same method for the straight edge (not the curved) section of the sides; folding over 1/2”, then ¾” press, pin, and topstitch.

Step 3: Finish the bottom hem. (See photos below.) Fold the bottom corner over at a 45 degree angle and press. Fold the bottom raw edge over 3/8” and press. Fold over again 1-1/4” (this will be the edge of the folded corner.) Topstitch in place ¼” from the folded edge.

Step 4: Create casings along the curved arms. Fold the edge over 3/8” and press, following the curve as best you can as you press. Fold over again 1-1/4” again following the curve. Press and pin in place. Top stitch in place ¼” or less from the inside folded edge.

Step 5: Add the pocket Fold the top of the pocket over ½” and press. Fold over another ½” and press and pin in place. Top stitch in place ¼” from the edge. Fold the bottom edge over ½” and press. Repeat for each side. To find pocket placement – Fold the apron in half top to bottom. Mark the center with a pin. This is the where the top of the pocket should be. Fold the apron in half side to side and mark the center. This will be the center of your pocket. Pin the pocket in place on the apron. Top stitch along one side, stop with the needle down and turn the corner. Stitch along the bottom edge then stop with the needle down again to turn and continue up the second side. Backstitch neatly.

Step 6: Thread tape through the casing. Use a safety pin to thread twill tape starting at the waistline of one side, up to the neck hole, down the other side of the neck and out through the opposite waistline. Tie a knot in each end of the twill tape. You’ve just created an adjustable neck strap and waist ties.

Alternate Size Options: This pattern was designed to fit an average sized guy. To make the apron for a smaller person move the fold line of the pattern in and inch or two to create a narrower apron. You could also shorten the apron as needed. Adjust or add additional pocket to create the perfect apron for you! Don't forget - our Online Grand Opening Giveaway is still going on! Order your apron supplies today to get entered.

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