Primary Quilt Pattern

Primary Quilt Pattern

Introducing the Primary Quilt pattern! A beautiful classic geometric modern quilt pattern. This is a great pattern for a confident beginner ready to tackle and perfect triangle. Practice makes perfect right?

The Primary Quilt is a cozy pattern using 3 classic quilting blocks, formatted to create a classic quilt that will grow with your family for years to come. I was going for more of a retro vibe with my color selection and quilting design. I was extremely pleased while watching the long arm make it's way across the quilt!

Select 3 of your favorite colors and a background fabric to make a family heirloom that can be passed down for generations. I selected contrasting Bella Solids (Cayenne, Teal and Maize, with an Off White background for this quilt top). I had seen these three colors next to each other on the shelf multiple times and the Primary Quilt felt like the perfect pattern for them.

Once the top was completed, it was giving me a bit of a retro vibe, leading me to the selected quilting pattern to emphasize that. I've been spending time at my local Long-Arm Quilter (Stone Valley Quilting), Deb is great and allows for rentals by the hour. It's been a wonderful learning process.

I see some new bed quilts in the future with the Primary pattern, maybe in a low key black and white with an accent pattern for one of the fabric colors...the options are truly endless.

Grab your copy of the Primary Quilt Pattern, you won't be disappointed!

What color combinations do you see yourself choosing for this project?

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