Garments for Quilters: Santa Fe Top

Garments for Quilters: Santa Fe Top

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Summer is around the corner and I can not wait to wear this Sante Fe top all over the place. So lets get into the second garment for quilters: Sante Fe Top!

The Sante Fe top is super versatile - there are six different options to make. After looking at the 10 patterns that I'll be working through for the Garments for Quilters series, I decided a tank top was a must for the Santa Fe. I selected View B. I'm more of a wide strap tank gal (who likes to constantly be hiding their bra strap?).


The fabric I had was in my stash from who knows what idea...for some reason I have a stash of scuba? Not sure why, but I do. This lovely green was from SR Harris out of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. If you haven't been - you are totally missing out on a fabric experience! It's a hidden gem in the business district. Forewarning, if you get overwhelmed easily - this place may not be for you ;)

Perfect timing for the breeze to pick up and really show how flow this top can be.

So back to the Sante Fe Top. The scuba is a bit more structured than what is recommended on the pattern. The finished product looks a bit more dressy or business casual than something you'd wear casually on the weekend and I don't think it would lend well to breathability.

Sizing & Pattern Alterations

I was yet again between the size medium and large. So I eased the medium line from the bust to the hip with a simple connecting line prior to cutting.

I also added 3" of length by cutting the pattern and adding the length at the waist. I really don't like having to tug at my shirt. To figure the 3" I took my back measurement which is from the base of your neck to the bottom of the finished garment. I wore a similar flow top that I liked the length on currently and used that to figure my desired length of approximately 28". So the desired 28" minus the length fo the large size (24.8") gave me that 3" difference (I like the ease of round numbers).

I opted out of the decorative stitching at the center of the front and back to keep the look simple and elegant for more formal occasions.

The Sante Fe top was a great next step from the Aurora Tee that was tackled on a previous post, you can check here. It's a classic look with clean lines that will look great on any body type. I definitely see more Sante Fe tops in my future with flowier materials. Maybe even re-purposed tee's from the thrift shop (once they reopen, that is)?

Do you see this being a staple in your summer time wardrobe? What are your thoughts on repurposing those oversized donations into a wearable new top?

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Katie, Modern Textiles

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