Scout Tee

Scout Tee

We recently got the Scout Tee pattern from Grainline Studio in the shop and I was anxious to give it a try! I was hoping for an easy fitting woven tee that would be a quick sew, and that's definitely what the Scout Tee is. It's a great wardrobe basic, and I can see many more of these in my future.

There are a few things to note about the Scout Tee that I wanted to share with you today. I love the boxy fit of the shirt. The shape of the pattern is cut really nicely, but you will note there are no bust darts included in this pattern. So bustier gals, this one may not be for you. Here's the thing about fit and handmade garments...just like when you shop for ready to wear clothing, you need to find the patterns and shapes that fit you and look good on you. Take a look in your closet. What is the shape and fabric type of the clothing you love that flatters you most? If you live in boxy tees because they look great on you, stick with boxy shaped patterns. If you have tried on 100 pencil skirts and not one fits you, don't make a pencil skirt. Just because you can alter the fit on handmade clothes doesn't mean you are changing the shape of the garment...if a shape doesn't work on your body then it doesn't work on your body. And that's OK! Making clothes is a great lesson in body awareness and acceptance. I don't know if What Not To Wear is still on, but that's what I learned from Clinton Kelly. Dress your body now, where you are today. It may not be your ideal, but having clothes that fit and flatter your current body will boost your self confidence a ton...and isn't a confident woman the most beautiful? If you are having problems adjusting fit, I really recommend taking one of Jean's classes so she can help you measure your body and figure out what you need to do to alter the pattern. For me, I know that I have to make sleeves and arm holes bigger in just about every garment because I have large arms. And I know that the waist line of Colette patterns is way to small for me. So I anticipate adjusting those things before I even start.

I made a size 10 Scout Tee and made just a few modifications. First I faced the neck instead of binding it. I really like this method and I feel like it helps the neckline lay smooth. (Here's a good tutorial for this method if you haven't done it before.) I also created a slit on the sides of the shirt. To do this I serged each side separately, then sewed up the side seam, stopping 3" short of the bottom. I pressed the seam open and top stitched the slit in place.

My Scout Tee is made from a yarn dyed woven fabric from the Loominous collection by Anna Maria Horner called Tribe in Bubblegum. All of the fabrics from this collection would be perfect for the Scout. Also lawns, voiles, double gauze or rayon would be amazing! Something light to medium weight with some drape is what your are looking for on this one. Watch for more Scout Tee's in my future! And I hope (if the boxy shape is right for you) there are some in your future too! Happy Sewing! Connie

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