5 Reasons We LOVE the Strip Quilt!

5 Reasons We LOVE the Strip Quilt!

Grab this FREE pattern here!

New Throw Size Strip Quilt made by Clarissa Tinjum, Quilted by Connie Biselx

We've been making Strip Quilts at MT for years now, and our love for them just never goes away! We've recently updated our FREE pattern with new and improved instructions and more sizes than ever before! We've put together our top 5 reasons why we think the Strip Quilt should be your new go-to pattern - here you go!

Five reasons you should make a strip quilt:

1. You aren't in the mood for an intricate quilt pattern that involves precise cutting and sewing. With no points to match and no set design there is no way you can mess up a Strip Quilt!

Baby Strip Quilt by Connie - Quilting doesn't have to be hard

2. You have a collection/bundle/stack of fabric that you love and really want to see each print. Since the pieces stay pretty big, the Strip Quilt is a great way to highlight some of your favorite prints.

3. It's a FREE pattern! We just updated it with new and improved instructions for SIX sizes of quilts, from baby to king! Download your free copy here!

4. You need a quick baby/wedding/birthday/etc. gift. This quilt goes together in no time! Cut your strips according to the diagram on the pattern, then randomly pull them and sew them together. We've learned over and over, The Strip Quilt actually works better if you really let it be random. Don't overthink it!

The first Strip Quilt! Made by Deb Richman

5. Having trouble putting your fabrics together? We always have a great supply of bundles perfect for your Strip Quilt! Stop in the shop and check them out - we would love to help you find your favorite.

Our latest sample for the shop is a Throw Size Strip Quilt.

With wool batting and a lawn backing, this maybe the perfect quilt to snuggle up with for a good afternoon nap on the couch!

We kept the quilting pretty simple on this one, but the throw size Strip Quilt is also a great chance to branch OUT and try some new quilting techniques on a manageable sized quilt!

We have LOVED seeing the amazing Strip Quilts you all have made over the years. Please keep them coming!! Stop in the shop with your quilt or share them with us on Instagram and Facebook! #mtsew

Happy Quilting!

Roxanne & Connie

UPDATED 1/4/19: Second Rendition of the Strip Quilt

This is another great project to use some fun fat quarters on? This pattern gives you directions on how to make a fast quilt from baby size all the way to a king size quilt!

Sew you wanna know how much time it's going to take?

About 2 hours for the baby quilt top, the whole quilt took me a full day

Basting, quilting and binding all depends on the level of detail you are wanting to go. For this quilt I machine quilted 1/2" on either side of all the long quilt seams.

Finished product size: Approximately 38" x 52"

Tips to avoid the dreaded seam ripper:

-Plan, plan and plan some more!

-Before cutting the strip in the recommended lengths, use a tape measure and see where the short seams will fall within each strip, and the adjacent strips.

-Since I used directional fabric, I ended up cutting random 6-8" pieces out of the long strip so the short seams didn't match in the final quilt. I then added these short pieces to the end of strips in the quilt.

Maybe you don't have fat quarters to use, but plenty of scraps - this could be a fun way to use them up in an afternoon!

Grab the Free Strip Quilt Pattern HERE!

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