Alt Current Quilt - Ruby Star Society Birthday

Alt Current Quilt - Ruby Star Society Birthday

Alt Current Quilt Crinkled

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Alt Current Quilt in Birthday Fabric by Ruby Star Society

I have the Ruby Star Society Birthday version of the Alt Current Quilt to show you today. This is a good intermediate quilt or advanced beginner for all those Half Square Triangles you need to trim and create. This quilt is geared towards using Fat Quarters for that scrappy background, which is only friendly for the two-at-a-time half square triangle method. Keep reading to learn more about the Ruby Star Society Birthday version of the Alt Current Quilt. 

Grab the Alt Current Quilt Pattern Here

Alt Current quilt draped over a railing in front of a lake


November is Epilepsy Awareness month? Alt Current is the first pattern in the electrical quilt series. Did you know 10 percent of the population has some form of epilepsy? If you don’t know anyone with epilepsy – well now you do. My neurologist describes seizures as a short circuit of the brain, combine that with my career in construction and “alternating current” was a great place to start the electrical quilt series. I’ve been lucky enough to have an extremely manageable case of epilepsy. As a “lucky” member of this population, I feel the need to pay it forward to those that don’t have it as easy as I do. 10% of all profits from the Alt Current Quilt Pattern sales goes to the Epilepsy Foundation. 

Close up of a Alt Current quilt showcasing the quilting and fabric

Ruby Star Society Birthday Fat Quarter Bundle

I couldn’t resist this fat quarter bundle that was designed by Sarah Watts! The bold colors and cheery designs made by snap it up as soon as possible. If you’ve been following me for a while you know I don’t shy away from bold colors. The white is a Bella Solids off white, which is my standard go to white from Moda.

Close up of alt current binding and quilt is folded over itself


I had quite a bit of the Black Speckled backing fabric available and couldn’t imagine adding another round of color into the mix. Using the background fabric as my binding is a pretty standard affair around here, but trust me I’ll be using a bold color for binding soon - it just needs to be warranted with the overall design of the quilt.

Grab the Alt Current Quilt Pattern Here

Back of Alt Current Quilt facing upwards with corner of quilt flipped to show the front.


Did you know that I now carry Speckled Widebacks? I found myself using these wide backs for most of my quilts and thought, why not bring them on for sale. If you are using me for quilting services, you no longer need to worry about waiting for your backing fabric to show up in the mail! Just send you finished quilt top and you can buy batting and backing fabric from me :)

Quilting on back of quilt with neon pink thread


I knew while sewing this quilt up, that Late Night was going to be the perfect quilting design to use with this quilt top. It’s already over the top and I couldn’t slow down in the quilting. The design reminds me of confetti poppers or maybe fireworks! On top of the fun design, I went with a neon pink thread for the backing, with variegated neon thread on the top. SO. MUCH. FUN!

Grab the Alt Current Quilt Pattern Here

Quilt folded onto itself 2 times, showcasing the quilting on alt current quilt

I’d love to see you put your own spin on the Alt Current Quilt Pattern – be sure to share your quilt on social media with the #AltCurrentQuilt and #mtsew

Alt Current quilt draped over handrail of deck in front of lake

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If you’d like me to help out adding quilting to your quilt check out my long arm quilting information page to send your quilt in! If you have any questions about quilting feel free to email me and I’m more than willing to help you out.

Grab the Alt Current Quilt Pattern Here

Folded Alt Current quilt hanging over handrail in front of lake

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Close up of Late Night quilting design on Alt Current Quilt

Alt Current quilt with quilt top up and corner of quilt flipped over to show backing fabric.

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