Art Gallery Pacha Panel Quilt - Formation Quilt Restyled

Art Gallery Pacha Panel Quilt - Formation Quilt Restyled

I have the AGF Pacha Formation Quilt to show you today, you can grab your quilt kit from Wyldwood Creative HERE. Do you ever see a fabric panel that you have fallen in love with but have no clue what to do with it? I've restyled this MT classic pattern to give that panel a home. You can grab the formation quilt pattern here and get this quilt sewn up in an afternoon! This cute panel is great for the summer and reminds me of the southwest! Keep reading to learn more about this restyle.

Pacha Panel and Matching Fabrics

I don't know what it is about panels but they have some of the cutest designs on them. Using a panel in a quilt makes this a fast sew and great for a beginner! With this quilt, I selected all fabrics that Tawnee had at the Wyldwood shop. I started selecting out the Pacha panel, then moved on to colors that I thought would work well with the panel. I ended on using a gradation of green Kona Cottons: Basil (Dark Green), Pistachio (Medium Green) and Mint (Light Green). I then wanted to add some patterned fabrics into the mix so I selected Ruby Star Society's Speckled in Cactus for the yellow and for the white fabric is Pacha Inca Trail.

A note when making the quilt with the Pacha panels, you'll need to trim the panels down to 12-1/2" wide x 18-1/2" long. You may be just fine trimming the panels down, but a few of my panels I needed to add the trimmings back on to the panel to get to the length of 18-1/2" - easy peasy!


I really wanted the binding to frame the quilt and thought if I selected any of the previously used fabrics for the top that it would blend in whenever the quilt top and binding met. So I went a completely different route and selected the Kona Rose to play off the pinks in the panel. This allowed for the binding to frame the quilt perfectly.


For the backing of the Formation Quilt I used another panel from the Pacha line - you can find it here. Then I told Tawnee to surprise me! She sent along the gorgeous Inti Wasi print from the Pacha line and she must of read my mind. It was another fun way to show off that a panel can be used in a variety of ways for a quilt!


This quilt was giving off some very desert-y vibes so to play into that and to break up all the rectangles I went with Malachite. It always reminds me of topography lines and brings the desert to the forefront of my mind when using it. I kept the quilting dense to really add some texture.

Have I mentioned how much I love long arm quilting? If you'd like me to help out adding quilting to your quilt check out my long arm quilting information page to send your quilt in!

I'd love to see you put your own spin on the Formation Quilt Restyled - be sure to share your quilt on social media with the #FormationQuilt and #mtsew

Happy Sewing!

Katie, Modern Textiles

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