Baby Fever

Baby Fever

A new baby deserves the very best - and only handmade will due! Show the special new baby in your life just how much you love them (and their Mom!) with these perfectly chosen gifts.

  • An Heirloom Quilt - classic patterns with on trend colors make these quilts that will last a lifetime.

  • Bucket Tote - New moms need more organizational tools than ever before! A handmade bucket tote is the best way to keep the baby essentials handy.

  • Handmade Softie - The softest of organic fleece combined with your sweet details will make this Softie baby's favorite friend.

  • Zipper Pouch - A little something to make the new momma feel extra special.

Handmade gifts for a brand new baby are treasured forever! The new mom will feel your love and support, knowing you put your hard work and time into this very special gift. It's this love that will help her through those long nights and short days as baby grows. Help her truly enjoy this time in her life with your handmade heirlooms.

"My mom made each of my kids a quilt when they were born. No matter how old they are those quilts are always the special blanket they reach for and it warms my heart every time I see them wrapped up in it. Now that they are older it's fun to tell them the story - that Nana made that quilt for you when you were just a baby. It helps them to understand and appreciate handmade even more." - Roxanne

When you're making a baby gift you want to make sure you are using the best quality supplies possible. Babies are messy little creatures! Your gift will be lovingly used and washed over and over and you want to be confident it will stand the test of time. You can be sure when you buy supplies at Modern Textiles that you are using the very best there is. From quilting cotton to flannel to batting, all of our supplies are ready to be USED! It's just not worth the few dollars you save by buying low quality fabric. Put your time and love into a gift you can be sure is going to last the test of time and baby!

Is the new baby coming soon? Not to worry, we have our kits and samples all ready to help you get going today. Click below to get started on either a boy or girl baby gift set today! The links will take you to boy or girl themed Bucket Tote Pattern, our Softie Pattern and a Special Edition Baby Zipper Pouch Pattern.

We would love to show off our projects in person! Visit our online shop to pick the pattern you want. Any questions: email us at Happy Sewing!

Connie & Roxanne

Modern Textiles

P.S. Don’t know of a baby on the way? It’s just a matter of time! Grab a pattern today so you’re ready when the next baby arrives. Never feel bad again for not giving a handmade gift ready to give!

UPDATED 6/13/19: Simple Softie - super easy and great for a new babe! So today we are covering the Simple Softie pattern that we offer from Modern Textiles. This pattern gives you endless options for what your softie will look like! This little bunny was an Easter gift and has clearly been given many hugs and is loved by my little helper. Bunbun swinging in a swing my grandpa made for me as a kid. Sew you wanna know how much time it's going to take? About 45 minutes. I’m terrible with hand embroidery (the eyes are French knots) so those were time consuming, especially since I hadn’t successfully done them before - I'll have to show the epic fail of the Baby Bunnies I practiced on. To say they look possessed is putting it nicely. The front doubles as a pocket for friends to tag along. Finished Size: The body is about 12” tall x 6” wide (approximately depending on what ears you go with, width does not include arms) Bunny just relaxing on another grandpa creation. I was spoiled with handmade gifts as a kid. Tips to avoid the dreaded seam ripper: -Practice your hand embroidery on a scrap piece of fabric, so you dont have a worn out eye hole from snipping bad stitch placement or eyes that start to fall out of the socket. -For the nose, I used a scrap piece of black felt from the Ruby the bear rug project. -I added pipe-cleaners in the ears, to give them ability to stick straight up or molded to your desire. -This whole project was made from leftovers from past projects, including the stuffing! CLICK HERE to grab your copy of the MT Simple Softie Pattern. Enjoy! Katie

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