Beyond Bella Jolly Bar 4 Sampler Quilt

Beyond Bella Jolly Bar 4 Sampler Quilt

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 Crinkled Quilt in a well lit room with no other objects showing

Would you believe me if I said this was my first sampler quilt I've ever made? I really wanted to learn some new skills and what better way the the Jolly Bar Sampler Quilt by Fat Quarter Shop? This is the fourth Jolly Bar Book they've created and they hosted a quilt along to showcase all the beautiful blocks in the book. Read on to find out more about my Jolly Bar Sampler quilt!

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Jolly Bar 4 Sampler Quilt, pictured outdoors, quilt laid on snow and photo is taken from above to capture full quilt

Annie Brady's Beyond Bella Jolly Bar Fabric for Moda

When looking to give myself some new skills and just to sew for fun - I came across a friend doing the Jolly Bar 4 Sew along and thought it would be fun! If you've never heard of Jolly Bar then you are in good company, because I hadn't either! It's a pre-cut only available through Fat Quarter shop. It's similar to a layer cake but is 5"x10" in size with 42 pieces of fabric. Here is the link to the Beyond Bella Jolly Bar that I used. I love that it reads as a solid with a subtle crosshatch design. Of course I paired the jolly bars with an off white Bella Solid by Moda.

 Quilt photo taken outdoors, quilt laid on top of snow, photo captures corner quarter of quilt with the binding showing on top of the snow


I decided to shop my stash on this quilt, I came across this bright pink binding from FIGO. The binding matched the bright happy vibe this quilt was giving off, so I went with it. I think it adds a touch of punch to finish this quilt off. It's called Tropical Jammin and I snapped it up at a local shop Rosie Girl Quilting.

Learn more about the Jolly Bar 4 Sampler Quilt

Quilt photographed close up with a corner of the quilt folded onto the quilt top to show backing fabric off


I felt like there was a lot going on color wise with the quilt top and wanted to tone it down just a hair with a more natural fabric. I went with the Natural Moonglow widleback by Ruby Star Society. Just because it's in a natural/neutral color doesn't mean it lacks in fun, the print really packs some whimsy which is the perfect compliment to this quilt. 

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Quilt photographed from corner at an angle to showcase the texture of the quilting, lighting is coming from the right side of frame so there are shadows to highlight quilting


I know this isn't going to hit home for everyone, but as a quilter the quilts tell me what's going to be best for the quilting design. While I was assembling this quilt top it was screaming that Twist Tie in a super dense style is what it wanted and needed. Boy, am I beyond happy with how the quilting turned out. The drape is fantastic and it's not if you've been told that before, worry not. Even if you think your quilt is stiff after getting some dense quilting on, wash and dry and all your woes will go away with it! Love the quilting design? It's one of mine available in the shop, pass this link along to your quilter or you find more info below about having me quilt up your quilt top.

 Learn more about the Jolly Bar 4 Sampler Quilt

Quilt is swirled from the center with only the quilt in the frame of the photo

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 Quilt made on bed, with a close up of the top 2/3 of quilt, the quilt is folded back at the top of the frame to show the backing fabric.

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Learn more about the Jolly Bar 4 Sampler Quilt

Outdoor quilt picture taken from an angle to showcase the overall design of quilt from the bottom left corner Quilt is laid on top of snow and photo is taken from the corner of the quilt capturing a most of the quilt in frame

Quilt is folded onto itself 2 times to showcase the quilting, photo is taken close up with no other items in the photograph

Quilt is folded back onto itself at an angle to showcase backing fabric, binding and quilting

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