Butterscotch Asterisk Quilt

Butterscotch Asterisk Quilt

I have the Scrappy Butterscotch Asterisks quilt to show you today. The pattern is from Modern Handcraft and can be a great scrap/stashbuster or you can make it more classic with all solids and yardage. Nicole writes amazing patterns and I know I'm making more of this quilt in my future! Grab the pattern here! Let's dive in to the Scrappy Asterisks Quilt!

Butterscotch Fat Quarter Bundle

This Butterscotch Fat Quarter bundle by Dana from Made Everyday started designing for Figo Fabrics. When I saw this bundle I HAD TO HAVE IT! For starters I love mid-century modern, secondly this reminds me of my grandparents home. I had this Fat Quarter bundle in my stash when I got the Asterisks pattern and new it was a match made in quilty heaven. A retro pattern and the perfect bundle to make one epically colorful quilt!


Just like my Scrappy Campfire Glow Quilt: I decided to use the remnants from the backing for this quilt. Whatever wasn't touched after the quilting process, I sliced and diced into 2.5" strips, sewed them all together and then ironed in half. I used my nifty trick of attaching the binding to the back first and then stitching the top on. I used a white thread, since that's what I quilted with and you'll never notice the binding stitches on the back of the quilt. I feel like I need to make a video of this for a tutorial - what do you think?


I grabbed some yardage of the Pyrex bowl print in pink to keep the retro vibes rolling and am so happy I did. Having such a fine print for the backing material means you'll have to really work to spot the seam! You can grab the same print here at Stash Fabrics.


Have I mentioned how much I love long arm quilting? For this retro quilt, I knew I had to keep that vibe going. I had just received a great new panto from the Longarm League (I get free pantos as a perk of the membership, also this is an affiliate link). It's called Featherweight, I thought it gave off similar retro vibes and new that the curves of the design would give some fun movement to the quilt top.

If you’d like me to help out adding quilting to your quilt check out my long arm quilting information page to send your quilt in!



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