Campfire Glow Quilt

Campfire Glow Quilt

I have the Scrappy Campfire Glow Quilt show you today. The pattern is from Then Came June and can be a great scrap/stashbuster or you can make it more classic with all solids and yardage. Grab the pattern here! Let's dive in to the Scrappy Campfire Glow Quilt!

Scrappy Ruby Star Society Darlings mixed with Bella Solids

I scored this half yard bundle from Ev Quilts when she was still selling fabric. I loved her style of bundles and that she mixed and mingled solids and patterns with ease. Best of both worlds in my opinion, and it makes the scrappy look fun but not TOO busy. What do you think?


For the binding, I used the leftover bits lengths of backing that weren't touched during the quilting process. This is one of my favorite ways to use those long strips of fabric that are usually about ~80" long. Less for me to join when it comes to making one long binding strip! How do you feel about using the same binding fabric as the backing fabric? 

*Hot tip: if you are leery about machine binding looking great, use the same fabric for binding as your backing. When attaching your binding to the quilt attach to the back of the quilt first, then fold over and attach to the front of the quilt. You’ll end up stitching on the front of the quilt’s binding and it will either fall in the ditch on the backing fabric. If you selected a thread that matches your backing/binding fabric, the thread will get lost on the back and no one is the wiser! The binding on the front will look amazing!


For the backing I grabbed my yardage of Hopscotch Trinkets in Powder (by Andover) over at Mashe Modern - Kristen's got a great section of sale fabric and I saw this small low volume print and knew it was the right balance for such a fun quilt top. I've become friends with Kristen through a longarm quilting group I'm apart, I truly love her fabrics and am no way compensate for saying she's one cool lady!


Have I mentioned how much I love long arm quilting? For this fun quilt I wanted to play off the fun fabrics and the soda bottles. The late night panto reminded me fireworks and pop carbonation. So go big or go home! I went for a denser look to really give great texture to the quilt. 

If you’d like me to help out adding quilting to your quilt check out my long arm quilting information page to send your quilt in!If you have any questions about quilting feel free to email me and I’m more than willing to help you out. There has been some great conversation around sending your quilt to a longarmer. No one’s quilts are perfect and I am happy beyond belief to get to quilt your quilts no matter if it’s your first or 100th quilt!

Happy Sewing!

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