Campfire Pillow Set

Campfire Pillow Set

Is it a little too cold to have a bonfire this winter? In my books, snow makes bon fires that much better - but if you aren't a fan of the winter wonderland than the campfire pillow set may be perfect for you or a young one in your life.

Sew you wanna know how much time it's going to take?

About 8 hours, or a couple of weekends if you take time off like I did :)

Tips to avoid the dreaded seam ripper:

-Make your life easier and use the Olfa Circle Rotary Tool for those pesky circles!

-Have fun with the bark on the logs! Nature is unique, so don't stress striving for perfection - they'll look great no matter how you cut and quilt them!

Pardon the lint and dog hair - it's pretty much an accessory in our house.

-Grab a large bottle of basting glue, with a fine tip to glue the bark to the brown cotton. I ran out about 1.5 logs in.

-When making the fire, clip the deep into the V's to ensure the flames turn right-side out well.

-Make sure to have matching thread for the Flames, and for the logs.

-If you have a spare bag of dry beans, lentils or rice, I used the unopened bag in the base of the fire to keep it from tipping over. It helped keep the stuffing in when hand-stitching the bottom of the fire.

If you have the goods to make this already but just need the pattern - click HERE for the Campfire Pillow Set Pattern!

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