Clover Quilt - Newish Pattern

Clover Quilt - Newish Pattern

So I am just realizing that I never pressed PUBLISH on this blog post from FEBRUARY! I can't believe the Clover Quilt has been out in the world since then, hence the title of this blog: Clover Quilt - Newish Pattern. Better late than never, right?

Throw Size


Like most of us: I a very mixed heritage and surprisingly I am a quarter Irish and have loved visiting Ireland on one of my trips abroad. I may not look an ounce Irish but must say I can pull the red hair color off with no problem, my translucent skin plays to the copper color quite well. To pay homage to a part of my ancestry I introduce the Clover Quilt - Newish Pattern.

Pattern Difficulty

The Clover pattern utilizes a large number of quarter circle blocks. Don't let it scare you, if you are new to curves, this pattern is written to guide you along the journey and calm any of your fears. Worst case break out the Jameson or maybe a little Bailey's in your coffee - take a sip of liquid courage - you've got this!

Quilt Top fabric is From Free Spirit in Rugby and Neon. The background fabric is Eggshell by Moda Fabrics.

I found that practicing curves in bulk was the best way to find what works best for you. There are a great deal of youtube videos recommending you use 3 pins, 1 pin, all of the pins or even no pins. It's totally your preference. I found using 2 pins and starting the needle in the down position on the leading edge to be the best fit for me. There is no wrong way!

Pattern Availability

This pattern is the second PDF downloadable pattern available on Modern Textiles. I'm slowly chipping away at formatting the rest of the pattern to be available by instant download. If you love to have the paper copy in hand, you can order one off the site and I'll ship it along with any other fabric needs you may have :)

Quilting Design

Since the Clover quilt top is very modern, I wanted to find a traditional Celtic quilting design as a nod to the beautiful traditions and architecture of Ireland. I centered a Celtic knot onto each block and couldn't be more pleased with how the end result turned out! Love my quilting work? Check out the quilting services I have to offer both local and mail in!

I hope you enjoy the Clover Quilt pattern as much as I do! I don't think this is one that needs to be stored away only for St. Patty's Day. Check out some of the pattern testers quilts below and see how the colors really lend to a fun quilt for year round use.

Jo's throw quilt! Find Jo on IG at @littlequiltontheprairie
Emma's Throw Quilt! Find her on IG @emma.tufte
I couldn't not share the back of this quilt! @emma.tufte
Check out Carissa at @crissat28 on Instagram

Happy Sewing!

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