We are in the last day of our home decor sale and wanted to finish it up with one last DIY. This rug is super quick and easy and only takes a yard of fabric! Supplies 1 yard 54" wide home dec weight fabric 1 yard Décor Bond interfacing seam gauge iron and ironing board rotary cutter & mat or scissors Performix Super Grip non-skid fabric coating spray

Step 1. Attach the interfacing

Lay out your fabric, wrong side up, and then place the Decor Bond interfacing, adhesive side down on the wrong side of the fabric so that the interfacing covers the entire fabric. The interfacing will be wider than the fabric. Using the manufacturers instructions, iron the interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric. It is okay if the interfacing sticks to your ironing board. It will peel off easily. Step 2. Trip to size Using your preferred method, cut the interfaced fabric to 35"x53" Step 3. Miter the corners Using your seam gauge, press 1/2" to the wrong side all the way around the fabric. Then press 2" to the wrong side all the way around the fabric. Open the 2" fold. Turn the corner in to the wrong side so that the folds line up. We illustrated this with the purple lines. If you can easily see your folds, you don't need to draw the lines. Now flip the corner open and then fold the corner in half, right sides together so that the crease you just made lines up with itself. Sew across the diagonal line and trip the excess to 1/4". Repeat the process on all four corners then turn the corners right side out. Top stitch into place. Step 4. Spry on Super Grip The secret to a good DIY rug is the Decor Bond and Super Grip spray. The heavy interfacing gives the rug structure and the Super Grip makes it functional. The Super Grip spray does just what the name implies. With just one coat it adds a layer of tacky coating that will keep you from breaking your neck every time you step on it. The manufacturer even says taht the rubber coating is machine washable. I have a few store bought rugs that are going to need a coat of Super Grip too! You can find it locally in Fargo at MAC's Hardware store. Follow the manufactuer's directions on the back of the can and spray the bottom of the rug. We can't wait to see what you create! #mtsew A huge thank you to Katie at The White House Boutique! She ever so graciously opened her beautiful home to us. If you love what you see here, go to their website! This is just a taste of what these amazing women do!

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