Euclid Tree Table Runner

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Euclid Tree Table Runner

Can I be honest with you? Once I finish writing a pattern and we send it out into the world for all of you to enjoy I rarely get the desire to revisit it. It seems I put all of my energy into the samples and trial and error of the process, and once it's done my interest in the project is gone. Luckily the really exciting part for me is yet to come - watching all of you use the pattern and make beautiful things. Often times you create things more beautiful than I ever imagined while writing the thing! But for some reason with this one - the O Christmas Tree Table Runner - I was inspired to keep going. It felt like there was more here than just a Christmas decoration. So when the perfect fabric called out to me, I listened. Euclid by Carolyn Friedlander is a line of fabric produced by overprinting Essex Linen which is a 55% linen 45% cotton mix. It has a beautiful texture and is a great weave to quilt with. I used five of the prints from Euclid and mixed in Essex in Steel for the trunks and binding. I am in love with the texture of this runner. Since before I even started cutting out the pieces I knew I wanted to hand quilt this one. I haven't had time to sit down and actually do it, so instead I machine quilted it in the ditch to add some simple detail and to keep the quilt together while it waited for my stitching. By doing this I was able to bind the runner and start using it - no reason for it to sit in my unfinished pile! And when I get around to quilting it I imagine the process will be all the sweeter. One thing I really love about the finished look of the Euclid tree runner is that it has a definite "winter" feel to it without being overly Christmas. I love the classic red and green Christmas too, but I also like to have things that can be out all winter long. It makes a great gift that way too! It's so fun to give handmade Christmas themed items, but I always feel bad that they will just end up being packed away until next year. Neutral and cool, this winter runner is staying out until the snow melts! Just in case you need a winter table runner too, we made up some kits! You can find the Euclid version of our O Christmas Tree Table Runner Kit HERE or stop in the shop to see my table runner in person and pick up a kit. It makes a great gift - and don't forget about the free coaster pattern included! The coasters are a great last minute gift idea that everyone needs. Happy (winter) sewing! Roxanne

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