Flower Garden Mini - A New Pattern!

Flower Garden Mini - A New Pattern!

Today we are excited to announce that our next pattern has hit the shelves! The Flower Garden Mini is a quick and easy applique project with lots of room to make it your own. I was inspired by Scandinavian art when I created this piece. Not being originally from the area, I enjoy learning about the Scandinavian culture and aesthetic. The bold look with simple details really appeals to me.

For this project I wanted to create something that would be fun to display, but was also fun to make. I am really having fun exploring machine quilting right now and I thought this would be a great low pressure project to really experiment. The quilting on this project is done before the flowers are added, which means you have very little time and money invested when you begin quilting. I like this because if it goes completely horrible I can scrap it and just start over! Luckily that didn't happen, but sometimes it's just nice to have the option, you know?

I used my walking foot to create the diamond pattern in the table area. For the wall I started with my walking foot to create the stripe pattern. I used the guide bar on my walking foot to create the next set of stripes so that I wouldn't have to mark anything. After that I switched to my free motion foot to add the leaf pattern between the stripes. Once the quilting is done all you need to do is attach the flowers and pitcher using Heat 'n Bond. Templates for all the pieces are included in the pattern so there's nothing to worry about! I free motioned some extra details on the flowers, stems and leaves and stitched around the pitcher. I also added some hand embroidered french knots. I love that you could add all sorts of detail to this piece and really stretch yourself creatively. But...if you just aren't in to that sort of thing we have you covered! This sample was made with no extra embellishment at all!

I sewed the wall fabric to the table fabric and then just ironed the flowers and pitcher in place. I sewed it to a piece of white canvas backing and top stitched around the outside edge and that was it - instant art! So whatever you are excited about - quick and easy art or a chance to explore new techniques on a small scale with no pressure - the Flower Garden Mini has you covered! Stop in the shop to see our samples in person or grab a pattern here and give it a try! Just the details: Pattern: Flower Garden Mini Finished Size: 17-1/2" x 22-1/2" Supplies:
  • An assortment of 8 fat eighths for flowers, leaves and stems, the pitcher and table and a fat quarter for the wall background
  • 3/4 yard Heat 'n Bond
  • 5/8 yard canvas or other backing
Optional additional supplies:
We've updated this pattern to include 5 different layouts! Check out all of the designs on the blog! Happy Sewing! Connie

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