Formation Throw Size Quilt

Formation Throw Size Quilt

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 Bella Solids Formation Throw Quilt - on Bed

So far this year I've been wrapping up a lot of work in progress quilts (WIPs for short). When I was doing my massive clean up and organizing of my sewing room I came across this completed Throw Size Formation Quilt top! Score! I remember making this top with the possibility of turning it into a quilt coat but at this point just wanted it done. So here we are, a completed Throw Size Formation Quilt top using Bella Solids. Read on more for the details.

Grab the Formation Quilt Pattern Here

 Bella Solids Formation Throw Quilt Crinkled

Moda Bella Solids

If you've read any of my blog posts you know that I prefer Moda Bella Solids for my solid fabrics. That has held true for years, like since 2018 they've been my fav and that's how long this quilt has been around for! I used (from darkest to lightest) Graphite, Steel, Zen Grey, Off White and Teal all of which you can grab at Fat Quarter Shop!

 Bella Solids Formation Throw Quilt with backing showing


To keep things a little fun but simple at the same time. I used the leftover portion of my backing fabric as the binding. If you aren't comfortable with machine binding yet, this is an easy trick I picked up to avoid noticeable topstitching inaccuracies. I rolled with a white thread since my quilting was all done in white and I'm getting more confident with my machine binding technique.

Grab the Formation Quilt Pattern Here

Bella Solids Formation Throw Quilt Close up on Backing and binding


I had just the perfect amount of scrap 108" Wide Metallic Speckled in Navy left to complete this quilt. I knew I wanted something dark to ground the light and airy feeling of the quilt top. Along with a little bit of pattern but not so much that it threw the whole quilt off balance. Speckled is always a solid choice for a backing or quilt top material. 

Bella Solids Formation Throw Quilt Quilt Folded over on itself to show dimension 


With this quilt being comprised of all solid fabric, I thought it was the perfect time to introduce a little pizazz and use one of my lightning bolt pantographs. I selected Diamond Bolt because it wasn't completely uniform with the sparks coming off the bolt in different degrees and size. If you love this or any other designs you can snap them up in my panto shop or you can send your longarm quilter to my shop to grab them for purchase!

Grab the Formation Quilt Pattern Here

 Bella Solids Formation Throw Quilt drapped out of top drawer of dresser

I’d love to see you put your own spin on the Formation Quilt Pattern – be sure to share your quilt on social media with the #FormationQuilt and #mtsew 

 Bella Solids Formation Throw Quilt swirled

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Grab the Formation Quilt Pattern Here

Bella Solids Formation Throw Quilt on end of bed

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Grab the Formation Quilt Pattern Here

Bella Solids Formation Throw Quilt - on Bed close up

Bella Solids Formation Throw Quilt - on Bed

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