Glass Lantern Pantograph

Glass Lantern Pantograph

This amazing Fractured Skull quilt was made by my friend Sarah from Lazy Cozy Quilts. She's a great friend to let me test-drive this Glass Lantern Pantograph on her lovely Foundation Paper Pieced Quilt. Read on to learn more about this design that you can buy in the shop. 

Grab the Glass Lantern Panto Here


When designing the Glass Lantern Pantograph I was hoping to make something that would represent heaved ice along the lakeshores in the winter. In the middle of designing, this pantograph took a different turn and Glass Lantern was born. There is a center focal point and triangles pointed outwards. After the final design was complete it reminded me of a glass lantern that you’d set out in the winter and would allow for light to reflect all around. 

Grab the Glass Lantern Panto Here


Included with all Modern Textiles pantographs is a lovely user guide including all the sizing, offset requirements, backstitching information and a full quilt layout as well as a highlight of the pantograph repeat.

For the photographed quilt we used the following dimensions:

Width: 6.00"

Heigth: 5.00"

For the Wholecloth Quilt the dimensions were: 

Width: 5.00"

Height: 4.00"

Grab the Glass Lantern Panto Here


Like most pantographs designed by longarm quilters, we strive for minimal or no backstitching. Glass Lantern delivers on this goal with no backstitching. The pantograph stiches from left to right following the top of the design to easily line up with other rows and the crosses from right to left to the center of the design and finishes up on the bottom of the pantograph from left to right again. 


When using the staggered version of this design it is simple to use with nothing to line up on different rows. Perfect for a beginner looking for great impact on their quilt.

When using the stacked version of this design, after advancing the quilt you will want to ensure you have precision line-up. You’ll want to overstitch on the last row of the design. That would make this version of Glass Lantern more of an advanced design to use.

Grab the Glass Lantern Panto Here

Special Instructions

When using the staggered version you’ll set your offset to 50% and that will give you the look shown in Fractured Skull quilt shown.

For the stacked version you’ll leave your offset at 0% and continue on with everything as is.

Quilt Info

The quilt shown with the staggered design is a Fractured Skull Quilt created by Sarah over at Lazy Cozy Quilts. The quilt pattern is available at And Sew I designed by Helen. It’s even more beautiful in person!


Have you checked out the rest of our pantograph shop? All designs are digital and designed to be used with longarm quilting machines with robotic capabilities. If you don’t have robotics but are interested in self-print version: they are available upon request. Just send an email over to with which design you are interested in and the parameters of what your machine can handle.

Grab the Glass Lantern Panto Here

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Grab the Glass Lantern Panto Here

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