Handmade Giving Gift Guide with Kathleen

Handmade Giving Gift Guide with Kathleen

This year to celebrate Handmade Giving, we want to share some of our own personal gift making adventures - past and present. We're going behind the scenes to discover what handmade giving really means - the nitty gritty of why, what, how and when. We've roped in a few friends to join in the fun and we think it's going to be a really great series that we hope you enjoy. First up this week is Kathleen Bergseth. Kathleen teaches a variety of classes at MT including the Floor Pouf, Bucket Tote, Sewing 102, the Linden Sweatshirt, and the list goes on! She's game for anything and we have always been amazed at her fearlessness with sewing. Her three boys, Finn, Rory and Lochlann keep her inspired to keep making. Whether it's a new outfit for game day or a tent covered bed - Kathleen has a blast sewing stuff for her sweet boys and for herself! You can see more of her projects on her Instagram account @kbergseth. Here's Kathleen: I'm just getting my Christmas gift making list together. Having a few Christmases of handmade giving under my belt definitely helps with the planning! I don’t make every gift, but I’ve had a mostly handmade Christmas for the last 3 years. I love that a handmade gift is unique and personal. Even when I make several of the same item I select fabrics that remind me of the recipient. When I make gifts for my kids give to others (i.e. teacher gifts) they pick the fabrics for that person. I find myself thinking about the recipient while sewing too! And nothing feels better than seeing someone enjoy something I’ve made. Today, I would like to share some of the gifts I've made in the past and a few I'm planning for this year. I mass produce projects wherever possible. I probably give 20 handmade gifts each year, so making them in sets saves a ton of time. Last year was the year of the Dopp kits! I mostly used this tutorial, with a few of my own modifications. I love giving practical gifts that people can really use and everyone seemed to love them.

I also made several flannel blankets with matching pillows last year. I used the Modern Textiles flannel blanket tutorial and then just made simple envelope pillows to match, some with embroidery, some with a simple border. The flannel at MT is so soft and nice, it's a sure hit with everyone!

Another favorite project from last year that I plan to make more of this year are the MT campfire pillow sets. I added some extra accessories to mine - felt twigs with roasted marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate, all made with felt, and a drawstring bag to keep it in. It's such a cute set, everyone loves them and kids have a blast playing with them.

Also on the list this year is this Artist Tote from the Little One Yard Wonders book. My older boys are crazy about hockey, so this Teags and Ry print was perfect!

My big mass producing plan for this year is jewelry rolls. I'm giving them to teachers, nieces, sisters, etc. You can find the tutorial I'm using here. I've got one under my belt now, so I'm thinking through the kinks in the process and improving the design a little. Hopefully the rest will go smoothly, I've got 8 more cut and ready to go! Hope some of these ideas help you along with your holiday making! - Kathleen
Thank you so much Kathleen for sharing your projects with us!! Watch for more handmade gift giving guides in the coming weeks!

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