Handmade Nursery Essentials!

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Handmade Nursery Essentials!

You thought we were done with baby projects - and frankly so did we - but the ideas just kept rolling in so we kept making stuff! Stop in the shop to see our own little MT nursery setup! Were you so excited to read our last Baby Fever blog post and then totally disappointed because you need a gender neutral quilt?! We hear you! We made this two beautiful quilt version for all of those "we want to be surprised" folks! Neutral Baby Quilt Kits! Here's a few more things we decided you just have to make! Crib Sheets These are so simple to make and can add so much color and pattern to a nursery. Plus you get to choose the fabric type and quality. Flannel, knit, high quality quilting cotton - it's up to you! Don't let the limited store-bought options stop your design. We love this tutorial. It goes together in no time and fits the crib mattress perfectly. (Side note: the tutorial calls for cutting your fabric at 45"x67". Our fabric was just shy of 45" from selvage to selvage. We went for it anyway and the sheet fits great!) Supplies: 2 yards fabric of your choice. We used Doodle in Pop. 2 yards 1/4" elastic Burp Cloths You think you have enough burp cloths. I mean, there's a whole stack of them in the drawer right? And then the day comes when you realize there are not enough burp cloths in the whole world! Always a welcome gift, especially the good ones. These are made from this amazingly soft woven from Dapper by Moda. Supplies (to make 2 burp cloths): 1/3 yard of Cement in Plaid 1/3 yard of Cement Stripes Cut each fabric in half to create pieces that are 12"x22". Sew them right sides together leaving a section open, turn right side out and top stitch around the edge. You'll have a whole stack in no time! Lightweight Flannel Receiving Blanket A beautiful quilt is essential for the nursery, but a well loved receiving blanket is what every new mom reaches for time and time again. We used one of our favorites, Shetland Flannel for this blanket. It is a gorgeous yarn-dyed woven flannel so it's beautiful on both the front and back. This is perfect for a lightweight baby blanket that you can wrap your little one in without worrying about them being too hot. We bound the flannel in a gorgeous lawn to create a classically beautiful blanket. Trust us - you're going to need to make this blanket. We applied the binding just like a typical quilt, just extra wide. Here's how to do it: Supplies: 1-1/4 yards Peach Shetland Flannel (or any other yarn dyed woven flannel) - Blanket 1-1/2 yards Pixel Flowers Lawn in Ivory - Binding Cut binding fabric into (6) 8" strips. Connect the strips on the bias. Trim and press the seam to the side. Continue until all six strips are connected to form one long strip. Fold in half the long way, wrong sides together to create a 4" strip. Leave a 6" tail of binding, then pin the binding to the flannel blanket, raw edges matching starting 12" down from one corner. Using a 1/4" seam allowance, sew the first side, stopping 1/4" from the end. Break thread. Fold the binding to create a bias corner leaving an extra 1-3/4” of fabric above the raw edge of the blanket. Pin in place and sew the next edge using a 1/4” seam allowance. Continue this method until all sides have been sewn. Stop sewing 9" from the point where you started. Match up the 6” tail from the first step to the remaining section of binding so that you can sew the ends together and have the exact amount of binding to finish the blanket. Seam the two ends and finish off attaching the binding to the blanket. Flip the binding to cover the raw edges and press. Layer the excess corner fabric nicely in each corner and press in place to create a nice bias corner. Fold again to back of the blanket to just cover the stitch line. Press and pin in place well. Stitch the binding down by hand or by machine around the blanket. Wrap up a sweet baby and enjoy the snuggles! Stop in today to see our full display and pick up the supplies for your favorite project.

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