Introducing Ruby the Bear Rug!

Introducing Ruby the Bear Rug!

Grab your copy of Ruby the Bear Rug Pattern today!

This sweet bear started out as a fun project to go in our camping themed front window display. You guys loved her so much you wanted to make one of your very own. So we got to work on a pattern.

After some tweaking and leg work to find a place to print the gigantic pattern piece, we have a pattern!

The Ruby the Bear Rug is named after this adorable little girl. Sweet Ruby was the perfect model. When I asked her what the Bear's name should be, she proclaimed, "Ruby!". We agree!

Ruby the Bear Rug is the perfect gift for the littles on your list. It sews up in just 2-3 hours. The faux fur is messy but it's super forgiving. No need to be perfect with this one. And you don't have to be an expert sexist! The pattern is full of tips and tricks as well as detailed illustrations to help you along the way.

So grab a pattern and your supplies today!

Supplies Needed:

1-1/2 yards faux fur

1-1/2 yards flannel

1-1/2 yards fusible cotton batting

Nose: 1 small piece of felt or felted wool at least 2-1/2" square.

Eyes: You can use fabric covered buttons, safety eyes, or buttons. If you choose fabric covered buttons, you will need a cover button kit and a small scrap of fabric to cover two buttons.

Grab the pattern for Ruby the Bear Rug right HERE!

UPDATED 3/7/19: Everyone's Favorite Bear Rug - Ruby!

As of today, I have a ONE year old - time NEEDS to slow down, seriously. I've decided to make this cozy Ruby the Bear rug for her present (and maybe for myself!).

I mean how cute is this for a little hang out spot in the living room?

Sew you wanna know how much time it's going to take?

About 3 hours, plus a little time to vacuum up the yak remnants!

I wanted to make this look more like a teddy bear. Also, I think the sand color will hide our dog's hair a lot better - I'm all about practicality.

Finished Size: 44' long x 3' wide

For the belly of Ruby, I used a yellow thread to match the yellow in the plaid and followed the pattern in the fabric. You just need to quilt enough to keep the batting and the flannel together - about every 7" or so.

Just hanging out on the couch for family time.

Tips to avoid the dreaded seam ripper:

-Use fusible batting with the flannel prior to cutting the pieces.

-Read through the pattern prior to staring. When piecing the head together, it's easy to get mixed up what your sewing.

-Make sure to check the faux fur after sewing, to ensure that you caught the lining of the fur - not just the shag. If you don't catch the faux fur lining you could have a shedding Ruby the Bear, and no one wants that!

-Prior to placement of the eyes and nose, stuff the head with the scraps from the faux fur, so make sure you like the placement. **What's even cooler: I was lucky enough to meet Ruby, who this cute bear rug is named after! It was like meeting a celebrity!

Grab a copy of Ruby the Bear Rug pattern here!

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