Introducing the Formation Quilt - Restyled!

Introducing the Formation Quilt - Restyled!

Introducing the Formation Quilt - Restyled

Introducing the Formation Quilt - Restyled! If you're like me those lovely little panels always catch your eye! I typically look at the supplied pattern from the fabric manufacturer on how to use the panel but not for this Art Gallery Fabric panel - I decided to pave my own way and incorporate it with our Formation Quilt! Check out the original Formation quilt pattern HERE. You'll need (6) Panels trimmed to 12.5"x18.5" to incorporate into the pattern - see the layout at the bottom of this post for the placement I used in this quilt.

I chose our Formation Quilt pattern to incorporate the panel was because the number of blocks allowed for me to position the blocks where I wanted them and if needed I could add an extra strip into a block here and there for the panel to fit perfectly.


Like I said earlier the 6 panels came in 1 yardage cut from my local quilt shop (Bay Window Quilt Shop in Perham, Minnesota). The fabric I used for the remainder of the quilt is from Moda also purchased from Bay Window Quilt Shop. The backing fabric is Alexander Henry, which is so awesome and bold!

So 6 panels and the fabric requirements called for in the Formation Throw Size quilt for the Moda fabrics will get you this lovely large throw quilt!


I don't typically lean into the themed pantographs BUT it's Halloween - so I went ALLL out Halloween! This quilting design is called Along Came a Spider and is available through my quilting services. If you haven't heard that we offer long arm quilting services, than check out the information page here. I used a grey fabric to blend between all of the monochromatic tones and not be too much of a contrast in the panels.

Why quit at Halloween?

Spin this Restyle into any Holiday quilt or just use your favorite panel to make a lovely throw size quilt to be used regularly. Check out some of these mock ups in Holiday colors, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Fourth of July, you name it - make this quilt your own!

See the above mock-ups in Purl from Ruby Star Society available in Spring 2021 and the current Polar Magic line from Figo Fabrics!

Check out the Formation Quilt pattern here in the store available in both Digital download and paper copy! Follow the cutting instructions for the Throw Size quilt, you'll need one extra block (but you automatically make the extra block with the construction of the blocks!) Enjoy!

Happy Sewing!

Katie, Modern Textiles

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