Lazy Afternoon Beach Quilt

Lazy Afternoon Beach Quilt

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 Lazy Afternoon Beach Quilt Made on Bed in well lit bedroom

Anyone else just manifesting Spring and Summer to get here? I've been pretty intentional about that while sewing up some Beach Quilts. I have the Lazy Afternoon Beach quilt to show you today and it encompasses those perfect lazy Sunday afternoons spent relaxing outside whether it be in your yard or at the park.  Read on to find out more about this adorable Beach Quilt.

Grab the Beach Quilt Pattern Here

 Lazy Afternoon Quilt folded over on itself showcasing all the Fabrics used for quilt top

Moda's Lazy Afternoon collection by Zen Chic

When I first spotted the Lazy Afternoon fabric I knew I had to have it for my collection, really it was the fruity fabric paired with the muted tones that really brought me to that summer afternoon outdoors. I used only a few fabrics out of the whole collection: Gardening in Marmalade, Flowing in Bronze, Stitching in Marmalade and for the Yellow stripes I used Stitching in Golden. For the tiny diamonds I went with Flowing in Golden. I paired it with my favorite zen grey Bella Solid by Moda for the background fabric. I really love using the zen grey fabric for quilts I know will get a lot of use, it hides all of life's messes perfectly. Don't get me wrong, I haven't given up on white - but we use quilts hard at our house so I like to plan around our lifestyle. 

Quilt Folded Over on itself to show binding and backing of quilt


I decided to utilize the trimmings from my backing fabric for the binding here. I really wanted the binding to act like a frame to the quilt and decided a pop of color contrasting the zen grey as well pairing well with the reds, oranges, yellows and hint of blue in the quilt top.

Grab the Beach Quilt Pattern Here

 Lazy Afternoon Beach Quilt outside laid on snow, with corner of quilt folded onto the top of quilt to showcase backing fabric


When I say I fell in love with the Golden Gardening fabric, I really meant it, the abstract version of pears was perfection and the color way is one that I lean towards when I'm not using up all the neons in the world. So why not use it for the backing fabric of this wonderful quilt?

 Quilt photoed from corner to highlight the quilting design with light from the opposite side of camera


I really wanted this quilt to be low key all the way around. The fabrics exude that lazy Sunday afternoon vibes, eating some snacks and having a cool drink out in the sun. I wanted the quilting to be no-fuss, so I designed this fun Dotted Crosshatch. This design had been in my brain for some time, but I knew I needed to use it for the Lazy Afternoon Beach Quilt. Love this quilting design? Feel free to request it for your next quilt or send a link to your long arm quilter to purchase it through my shop :)

Grab the Beach Quilt Pattern Here

 Quilt top photographed on top of snow, full quilt top shown

I’d love to see you put your own spin on the Beach Quilt Pattern – be sure to share your quilt on social media with the #MTBeachQuilt and #mtsew 

 Beach quilt crinkled in well lit room

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Grab the Beach Quilt Pattern Here

Quilt Swirled at center in well lit room

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 Quilt folded on itself two times to showcase fabrics and quilting

Grab the Beach Quilt Pattern Here

Aerial view of quilt made on bed, sliver of flooring shown on right hand side of photo

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