Linden Sweatshirt x 2!

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Linden Sweatshirt x 2!

Check out our new Linden Sweatshirts! Connie and I were both excited to make new Lindens with two of our favorite new fabrics we have in the shop - organic fleece and indigo knit. Connie's Linden mixes up the Grainline Studio pattern a bit by using the length of View B but the sleeves of View A. She skipped the cuff bands and just hemmed the sleeves. The fabric she chose is our Organic Cotton Fleece in Dusk. She put the super soft side on the inside to give it a classic sweatshirt feel. The fleece was very easy to use for this pattern, but doesn't have quite enough stretch to be used on the neckline, so she used Navy Laguna Jersey for the neck binding. Here's what Connie had to say about it: "This is my new favorite thing to wear. It is ridiculously comfortable but still has a pulled together look that your typical sweatshirt doesn't have. I always love Grainline Studio patterns and the Linden pattern was no different. It's a great beginner garment pattern that goes together in no time." My Linden is made from our new Indigo Knit Stripes which is a cotton/spandex knit. It is a really stable heavier knit that I love for the Linden because it feels a little more structured and less sloppy than a typical sweatshirt. The little bit of stretch gives it that super comfortable feel that means I want to wear it every single day! The Indigo Knit would work great as a Morris Blazer as well. I'm also contemplating the Driftless Cardigan from Grainline Studios (which is sadly only a PDF pattern right now, so we don't carry it just yet.) I changed up the hemline of my Linden. I made it longer and copied the shirt-tail hem from my Wiksten Tank pattern (but any shirt-tail shape that you love could work). I was able to use the same knit for the neck binding on mine, but I did have to cut it longer than the pattern because my fabric is less stretchy than what was called for. (The pattern recommends at least 20% stretch.) I skipped the cuff bands too and just hemmed the sleeves. I'm not usually one to enjoy garment sewing that much, but I did really like making this! It went together really quickly and the simple shape means minor tweaks to the fit weren't a big deal. Raglan sleeves are my new favorite thing in a pattern! Ready to make a Linden too? Stop in to grab a pattern and we'll help you pick the perfect fabric. Not ready to tackle this one on your own just yet? The March class for the Linden is full, but keep an eye out - we'll be offering it again and our new classes for April - June will be launching soon!

JUST THE DETAILS: Pattern: Linden Sweatshirt from Grainline Studios Fabric: Organic Cotton Fleece in Dusk (Connie), Indigo Knit Stripes Wide (Roxanne) View/Size: Connie - View B, Size 10 with View A sleeves. Roxanne - View A, Size 12-14 with adjustments to the hemline.

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