Morris Blazer

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Morris Blazer

Can I tell you about my new favorite handmade garment? I made the Morris Blazer from Grainline Studios a few months ago out of our chambray linen stretch fabric and loved it so much that I made two more! The pattern calls for a stable knit which the chambray stretch was absolutely perfect for. But I wanted to know if woven fabrics cut on the bias would work as well This blazer is made from cotton moleskin. This fabric is a cross between canvas and flannel. It washes up so soft! I love it paired with a Wiksten Tank! I used 1-7/8 yards of fabric and cut my pieces on the bias. I had plenty of fabric left over to make a pair of Ollie Slippers for my sister. I love how this one turned out. It has less drape then the stretch chambray blazer but it still has plenty of stretch in the back and shoulders which I like. I would skip the interfacing on the collar with this fabric. Moleskin has plenty of structure all by itself. I made this blazer from Mustard Shetland Flannel cut on the bias. It is so soft and cozy and has the least amount of structure. Also tried a cropped length on this one. It's shortened by about three inches. I find it really helpful to try on a garment to get an idea of what size I need to make and what I might need to adjust. So I will have one or two of these in the shop for you to try on. If you are a little nervous about jumping into garment sewing, not to worry! This is a great garment to start with. This blazer is unlined and has simple construction. And we are offering this class in January! Our expert garment instructor Jean will walk you through determining your size, any alterations you need, and help you gain confidence as you make this wardrobe staple! Just the details Just the details: Morris Blazer Fabric: Cotton/Linen Chambray Stretch Size 10 Changes: None Just the details: Morris Blazer Fabric: Mustard Shetland Flannel cut on the bias Size 10 Changes: Shorten 3" Just the details: Morris Blazer Fabric: Cotton Moleskin cut on the bias Size 10 Changes: None

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