New Pattern - Around the Kitchen Quilt

New Pattern - Around the Kitchen Quilt

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest pattern Around the Kitchen! We have been working hard on this one for a few months now and are so happy to finally have it out in the world. It's our second paper piecing pattern and includes two sizes! Coming off of the Ugly Sweater paper piecing pattern we knew our next one needed to be just as fun. We love the opportunity that the Ugly Sweater provided to really get creative and make it your own - and it's been amazing seeing all the unique and beautiful Ugly Sweaters out there! We can't wait to see what you all do with the Around the Kitchen pattern.

The Around the Kitchen pattern was a total team effort. Connie had the original concept for the jars and shelves. We took the idea to Clem Buzick (quilter extraordinaire, teacher, and paper piecing master) and developed it even further to add the plant and books. Connie and I did a few mock ups, then sent it off to Clem to do her paper piecing magic. She sent back her specs and drawings and I digitized and wrote it up! We love every chance we get to work with Clem - and I think this collaboration is our best yet. We named it Around the Kitchen because that was what we all were thinking about while we were designing. What would you put on a shelf in your kitchen? We added our favorite things from our kitchens to the pattern.

The pattern includes detailed instructions and diagrams to make this full wall quilt. It finishes at 21 x 30" so it's the perfect size for wall art. You can set your shelves up just like ours with 6 jars, a plant and some books, or make it your own. Each paper pieced block finishes at 4-1/2" x 6" so it's easy to mix and match the pieces to make your own unique look. Want a whole shelf of books? Go for it! Skip the books and plant and just do jars? You could do that too. The options are endless.

The second version in the pattern is our Around the Kitchen Table Runner. This size has one shelf, but it's packed with all our favorites - two plants, two jars and lots of book. It finishes at 13-1/2 x 38-1/2" and would add such a fun touch to your kitchen table or island. Or change up the theme entirely and make it for your sewing room! (Here's a hint of things to come - Halloween fabric is arriving soon and we can't wait to make a Halloween version of this!)

Of course the options don't stop there! I love all the blocks so much and think they are amazing on their own too. Here's a little mini quilt I made out of just the plant block. I can't wait to explore more ideas with the book blocks as well. The full wall quilt uses selvages pieced as books. On the table runner version I raw edge appliquéd my selvages onto fabric since they were a little skinnier than I would have liked. It would also be fun to embroider your very favorite cookbooks or novel titles onto the book. So many ideas - how will you make it? If you haven't paper pieced yet, this pattern is the perfect reason to grab a spot in our next class! And if you've paper pieced a little then you are totally ready for this one. Check out the full pattern listing for details on supplies.

We hope you love the Around the Kitchen Quilt pattern as much as we do! Stop in the shop to grab a copy and see all of our samples in person, or grab a copy online. We've also made a kit of our full wall quilt kit available in store or online. Be sure to share your finished project on Facebook or Instagram using #mtsew .

Happy Sewing! Roxanne

 Around the Kitchen Wall Hanging Close up of Jar and LabelAround the Kitchen Wall Hanging Close up of Books on ShelfAround the Kitchen Wall Hanging Full Photo of Wall hangingAround the Kitchen Wall Hanging Close up of PlantAround the Kitchen Wall Hanging Close up of jar 2Around the Kitchen Wall Hanging Full QuiltAround the Kitchen Wall Hanging Side Angle

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