New Patterns - Carrot Zipper Pouch & Baby Bunny Softies!

New Patterns - Carrot Zipper Pouch & Baby Bunny Softies!

It is your lucky day! We have TWO new patterns for you today and they are so cute you are going to need to make them asap! The good news is there are both quick and easy projects. Which is good, because you'll need to make these in multiples.

Our Carrot Zipper Pouch is our newest Modern Textiles' Original pattern. It includes pattern pieces for the carrot and carrot tops and full illustrated instructions for installing the zipper and finish up the pouch.

Our Baby Bunny Softie pattern is a free download. We love these soft, squishy little guys, and want to just keep making them! We cut some cute bundles of Fat Eighths of our organic cotton fleece in three colors and threw in some stuffing so you'll be set to make a whole litter of bunnies!

We love Spring around here and (despite the weather this week in Fargo) know that it is right around the corner! The Carrot Zipper Pouch is the perfect way to celebrate Spring. They make an adorable Easter gift for the kiddos in your life, paired with a few of our Baby Bunny Softies and a treat or two. We think they would also be the perfect gift for the gardener in your life. It's the time where those lucky green-thumbed people get their seeds organized and start their garden lists and sketches. Help them keep all their things organized in an adorable carrot!

To help you out, we've packaged up our Carrot Zipper Pouch pattern in a kit that includes all the supplies you'll need. Or if you plan to make a bushel full of carrots, we've got the pattern and yards and yards of orange fabric all ready for you! And be sure to print out the pattern.

Maybe if we spread the Spring fever around with these adorable gifts the weather will have no choice but to follow suit!

Happy Sewing!

Roxanne & Connie

UPDATE 1/31/19: Carrot Zipper Pouch Spin-off

Due to the arctic blast, I've luckily gotten to spend more time at my sewing machine. One of the first projects I wrapped up was this super cute Carrot Zipper Pouch!

This is great to use for keeping small toys, or treats!

Sew you wanna know how much time it's going to take?

This took about an hour to complete

Or you could keep some cute little toys in the pouch!

Tips to avoid the dreaded seam ripper:

-Take your time sewing the across the zipper - so there are no openings beside the zipper opening.

-Backstitch well on either side of the zipper

-This project is another great use for wonder clips, primarily when sewing the carrot tops into the carrot pouch.

Check out the the Carrot Zipper Pouch Pattern - HERE!

Or the Carrot Zipper Pouch Kit - HERE! Kits are while supplies last only, and use the exact fabrics shown!

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