Overcoming Curtains

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Overcoming Curtains

After living in our house for a mere 2 years, one room finally has curtains! I don't know why committing to sewing curtains has been such an issue for me, but accomplishing a set for one window has definitely motivated me to keep going! I love a good before and after, so.... BEFORE: Wow, looking at a picture of your space is completely different than seeing it in person. It's such a great way to notice all the problems you've been living with and ignoring. Choosing fabric proved to be a challenge for mre, as strange as that may seem. I knew I wanted something navy, but then we have all these options! And I love them all of course - we wouldn't buy fabric we wouldn't love in our own homes. But that makes choosing rather difficult. I finally settled on a Large Swiss Cross in Navy and jumped right in last week while I had a day off. The oversized pattern actually created a sort of grid that made it easy to cut the pieces straight to the size I needed, while still lining up the pattern across each panel. What really jumpstarted my curtain project was reading a blog post from Emily Henderson about the design mistakes people typically make when choosing and hanging curtains. The guidelines of how to do it right made me feel more prepared and informed to tackle the project. Read the whole post here - it's a good one! The basic tips I used were to hang the rod above the window (I went about 1/2 way between the window frame and the ceiling) and to get a rod that extends past the window frame. I can't believe how much more of a statement the window makes in the room now. And here's my after picture with the curtains DONE! And I mean really done. They are hemmed, the threads are trimmed and the holes in the wall from the first attempt to hang the rod that didn't work out are even filled and painted over. DONE! Why is that such an accomplishment for me, I don't know. But it is and man, it feels good! AFTER: Bottom line, I love my new curtains. Questions? Visit our Facebook page to discuss!

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