Picnic Quilt in 3 Ways

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Picnic Quilt in 3 Ways

We love playing with fabric combos in EQ7, which is a quilt software program. We thought we would share our latest combos for our Pretty Easy Picnic Quilt pattern! Sweet Picnic Treat Fabric A: Crowns in Turquoise Fabric B: Roots in Sorbet Fabric C: Pine Grove in Multi Fabric D: Squirrels in White Fabric E: Pine Floral in Multi Hidden in the Woods Fabric A: Tanuki in Peach Fabric B: Stardust Black Pearlescent Fabric C: Teddy and the Bears in Grey Fabric D: Flight in Natural Fabric E: Crosshatch in Creamsicle Gingham Get Away Fabric A: Bella Solids Graphite Fabric B: Bella Solids Maize Fabric C &D: Carolina Gingham in Grey Fabric E: Ikat Dot in Powder Fabric Requirements: Fabric A: 3/4 yard Fabric B: 1-1/2 yards Fabric C: 1 yard Fabric D: 1 yard Fabric E: 3/4 yard Find more details on the Picnic Quilt here!

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