Polar Magic Asterisk Quilt & Holiday Ball Panto

Polar Magic Asterisk Quilt & Holiday Ball Panto

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I have my holiday version of the Asterisks quilt that I made during the Snow-along that Modern Handcraft hosted. If you are wanting to increase your Half Square Triangle skills, then this pattern is perfect. There are a lot of square blocks but a good portion of HST in the mix. If you haven’t checked out the New Leaf Stitches HST Trimmer, you can grab it here :) It's the only way you'll ever get me to trim HST blocks.

Polar Magic Fat Quarter Bundle

I grabbed an adorable Fat quarter bundle of Figo Fabrics Polar Magic designed by Lemonni. It’s all the retro colors and I couldn’t resist. I mean those little polar bears with presents tied to their back – how cute?! This is from winter 2020/2021 so I’m not sure if there is much left but Fat Quarter Shop has some yardage if you are in the hunt for some of the fun treats or classy Evergreen Ornaments.


Just like many of my other quilts: I decided to use the remnants from the backing for this quilt. Whatever wasn't touched after the quilting process, I sliced and diced into 2.5" strips, sewed them all together and then ironed in half. I made an easy mistake of attaching my binding to the front and then top stitching on the back. If you’ve read my other posts, you’ll know I typically do the opposite. I noticed the error about half way through attaching my binding, but decided to proceed. I know I’m the only one that will notice the border stitch on the top of the quilt. Like I say quilts are meant to be cuddled, not judged.


I have been loving on what Figo Fabrics has to offer these past few years. This was backing fabric is from a line called Polar Magic designed by Lemonni and the whole line is adorable!


You know how much I love long arm quilting! It’s my dream job and am so happy I get to add the final stitches to all the quilts out there! This is so fun for me to announce that I actually designed this pantograph! It’s called Holiday Ball and I think it is such a classy edge to edge design that you can have your long arm quilter grab from my shop here. Designing pantographs has been a real change of pace, but is so much fun and really lets me able to showcase some designs that I would never be able to show in a quilt pattern.

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