Restyled: Flower Garden Mini

Restyled: Flower Garden Mini

I made two versions of the Flower Garden Mini pattern a few months ago when we released the pattern, but I knew there were more ideas to explore. I got the chance to do just that a few weeks ago and am so happy with the results!

My Flower Garden Mini Table Runner uses all the same pattern pieces from the original pattern, just laid out in a different way! This project was a really fun way to play with color and layout. I sort my solid fabric and scraps separately from my printed fabric, so for this project I went straight to my solid stash. I chose the black background first, then thought of it like a canvas as I pulled my fabric, or "paint" for my piece. When I'm feeling stuck on a color palette I go straight to my color inspiration board on Pinterest. I've been adding to the board for years now and find it really helpful for projects like this - just to find a jumping off point. Here's what I do: whenever I'm browsing through Pinterest I'm always keeping an eye out for color combinations that grab my eye, no matter what the picture might be. I save these on my color inspiration board so I have them at the ready whenever I need a jump start for a project. I usually end up adding color or taking some out of the original palette, but it helps me focus in on the look I'm going for.

While picking colors for the flowers I was also playing with layout. It felt like I was arranging flowers with unlimited options! I love the layout I ended up with on this project, but I know there are many other options just waiting for you to discover them. If you're feeling anxious to choose your own, feel free to use this layout to get you started. Once I had my layout decided, I took a picture of the plan. I wanted to quilt the background before I appliquéd the flower pieces. A well documented layout - up close pictures even if you need them - will save you a ton of time later on! We talked about this on the original Flower Garden Mini post, but it bears repeating...I love to quilt small projects like table runners or wall hangings because it is such a great chance to try new things and stretch myself without a lot of risk. If my quilting plan goes horribly and I need to just scrap it and start over for my own sanity I just have a little fabric (and just solid at that!) some batting and a little time invested. The flowers and my layout design will patiently wait for me to get the quilting just right. Luckily, my free motion plans worked out! I practiced drawing my design a few times on paper just so I could work out how to connect it all, then I just went for it! Once I had quilted the background I went back and fused my flowers in place following my layout picture. I quilted on top of the appliqué as well to add some fun detail and to keep the appliqué in place. This pattern includes five different layouts! Check out the other versions here. I hope you have fun making this pattern your own! If you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, you can grab a copy here, or stop in the shop to see all of our sample in person and pick up a copy there. Challenge yourself to play with the size and scale of the background. Play with the pieces and have fun making a beautiful arrangement! As always, we would love to see your projects! Bring them into the shop, tag us on Instagram or send them to us via Facebook or email. Happy Sewing! Connie

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