Restyled - Formation Bucket Tote

Restyled - Formation Bucket Tote

Ever since I made the Book Nerd Bucket Tote I've had quilted Bucket Totes on the brain! Today I'm sharing our latest. We've combined the design of our Formation quilt with the Bucket Tote!

You might remember when Connie designed the Formation Quilt that we came up with a bunch of fun color combos. We changed it up a little for this project by using the gorgeous Shimmer On in Olive instead of a solid. I love the extra punch the metallic gives it. I love it so much I've got a throw size Formation quilt planned in the same colors! I'm not usually so matchy, but something about a matching set - bucket tote and quilt - seems really satisfying to me!

We've worked through a couple minor adjustments so you can take the Formation look to the Bucket Tote pattern. Instead of using width of fabric strips we make them half size. We used the layouts in the pattern as inspiration to layout our slabs to create a unit that was 5 across and 3 down. Then we cut the Bucket Tote pieces from the unit. Take some time when you are laying it out to think about where the pops of color are going to show up in the bucket tote. It may take a little adjusting before you sew them all together to get them just where you want them. But trust me, it's totally worth the effort!

When I plan to quilt a Bucket Tote I apply my interfacing and batting in a different order than the pattern instructs. Once I cut the bucket tote pieces from the pieced unit, I spray basted them to batting and quilted it. For this tote I just did simple straight line quilting, 4 lines of quilting through each strip. I like how it keeps it simple and graphic, but adds some extra texture. Once I was done quilting, I fused the Decor-Bond interfacing to the back of the batting. It adheres great to the batting and brings good stability to the tote. From there I followed the rest of the Bucket Tote instructions. I used leather for my handles. I'm always a sucker for leather handles! The leather wasn't too thick so I had no problems sewing it into the seam. (TIP: I don't baste leather handles into place like I would webbing or fabric handles. The more you stitch through leather the weaker it becomes...think of it more like sewing paper than sewing fabric. Use Wonder Clips (affiliate link) to keep the handles in place while you sew around the tote. I also lengthen my stitch length over the leather section, just to help keep its integrity.)

The Formation Bucket Tote gots it's debut at The Quilt Exhibit a couple of weeks ago and it was a hit! But, good news! We've restocked the kits so you can make your own Formation Bucket Tote. The kit contains details on the adjustments we made, the Formation quilt pattern and the Bucket Tote pattern. Not to mention all the supplies you'll need to make your very own Formation Bucket Tote, including the interfacing kit and leather handles!

Grab one online or stop in the shop to pick one up! Want to try it in another color way? We would love to help you pick it out.

Have you restyled one of our patterns? We would love to see your creativity! Email us and let us know at

Happy Sewing!


UPDATED 2/22/19: Marie Kondo would love this Formation Bucket Tote

All praise the Marie Kondo movement! Seriously, my type A personality loves a clean and organized house. Especially when all the things can be contained in cute bucket totes - like the Formation Bucket Tote!

This bucket tote kit makes a large bucket tote.

Sew you wanna know how much time it's going to take?

About 5 hours

Finished size: 16" Tall x 14" Wide x 10" Deep

These totes make for great organizing bins but they don't need to hide in a closet, with the awesome prints you can pair together and give a home to all the things!

I did some simple quilting on this. The more quilting you use - the more stable your tote will end up being.

Tips to avoid the dreaded seam ripper:

-Make sure to have a frixion pen (affiliate link) or hera marker (affiliate link) for marking the triangles at the bottom of tote for sewing

-Ensure your handles aren't twisted prior to sewing them into place

-Have a mallet handy to flatten the top seam before topstitching around the top of the tote. You don't need this but it will make the finished tote look that much better.

-Maybe you know someone with a leather punch and rivet press - then this is an awesome finish for your handles.

Maybe you already have a Formation Bucket can always grab a Bucket Tote Interfacing Kit and pick out your own fabrics and handles to make a one-of-a-kind decor item for your home!

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