Sarah Golden Star Pop Quilt

Sarah Golden Star Pop Quilt

Check out my Sarah Golden Star Pop Quilt, it is so fun! I’ve been fortunate to be doing a lot of quilting for my friend Emily at Quilty Love lately, and she asked if I would be interested in giving all the Star Pop Quilt Along participants a discount through the end of February 2022. I couldn’t pass up seeing more of these quilts in person! Also, I knew I had to make my own in effort to sew my stash off! Check out the #StarPopQuilt on Instagram to see all the beautiful versions that are out there!

Sarah Golden Fat Quarter Bundle

Like I said I’ve been making it my mission to sew my fabric stash down in order to start bringing in fabrics into my house when needed – I know one can dream right? I had this lovely bundle of Sarah Golden fabrics from a few years back and thought it would be so fun in the Star Pop Quilt. I was not disappointed in how this turned out! All the bold classic colors look lovely and really create lovely contrast with each other. If you are looking for your next Fat Quarter bundle quilt pattern, don’t look any further. This pattern comes together so quickly and with Emily’s direction all the seams nest making for sharp seams/points all around!

Grab the Star Pop Quilt Pattern Here


As many of you know I love using what I have for binding. This quilt wasn’t any different! I had long large strips of backing fabric leftover that weren’t touched by quilting and decided to slice them up into binding. When you use wide back fabric for binding there are far fewer seams than using the standard width quilting cotton.

Grab the Star Pop Quilt Pattern Here


I’ve been making so many quilts lately, that I finally pulled the trigger in getting myself a bolt of wide back fabric. Ruby Star Society has this lovely Speckled line in 108” wide bolts. I snapped up the dove color. I knew it would blend with all types of quilts that I make, and also hide any pesky stains that may incur unlike a ultra light backing. If you are using my long arm quilting services feel free to ask to use this backing for your quilt. That way the only thing you need to send to me is your quilt top. I can supply backing and batting to you!

Grab the Star Pop Quilt Pattern Here


At the stage of quilting, I was knee deep in designing and releasing my own pantographs. I had designed the Baptist Sunrise panto, I felt like it was such a fun blend to go with the stars and also the fabrics. It’s such a fun spin on a classic Baptist fans design. If you like this pantograph you can request your long arm quilter to grab it from my shop here, or you can request it when you submit your quilting request form. You can find that form on my long arm quilting information page to send your quilt in!

Did you know for this Star Pop Quilt Along I am offering 20% off long arm quilting services for participants through the end of February 2022

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Grab the Star Pop Quilt Pattern Here

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