Scrappy Rainbow Peanut Butter Quilt

Scrappy Rainbow Peanut Butter Quilt

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 Rainbow Scrappy Peanut Butter Quilt Full Shot from Above with Grass as the backdrop

Then Came June hosted a fun and FREE quilt along for her Peanut Butter quilt which is scrap friendly! If you had followed along my January clean up of my sewing area, you saw I cut down a ton of scraps to usable sizes - which was perfect for my Scrappy Rainbow Peanut Butter Quilt! I never would have thought I had enough scraps to make a full throw size quilt (and I still had a lot leftover!). Read on to lean more about my Scrappy Rainbow Peanut Butter Quilt.

Learn more about the Free Peanut Butter Quilt Pattern

 Scrappy Rainbow Peanut Butter Quilt Crinkled

All of the scraps!

I have been in a season of just fun and happy sewing over here. I must say joining quilt alongs is by far the sure fire way to make sure that I stay on track and actually get into my sewing room. If I just leave it up to sewing at my own pace, life catches up with me and I never actually get to my sewing machine. Being able to use all my scraps and for the most part a lot of them were cut to the right size for this project - making it so much easier! It was so fun pulling the fabrics together in a rainbow layout, it was a walk down memory lane for what I used each fabric for.

Backing of Peanut Butter Quilt flipped onto of quilt top to show backing fabric and binding


Continuing with my scrappy style, I grabbed a couple different binding scraps to pull together a simple and light grey binding. Do you keep your binding cutoffs? I never know if I should keep scraps of binding that are less than a certain length, but I think if it's 12" or longer that I tend to toss them into my binding basket. I tended to discard or not include scraps smaller than that length in this scrappy binding.

Learn more about the Free Peanut Butter Quilt Pattern

 Angle shot of quilt showing the darker fabrics in foreground and lighter fabrics in the background


I dug straight into my stash for some of this fun sushi flannel...I know the colors aren't really jiving with the top itself. Did you spot the sushi fabrics in the quilt top? I just felt like with the scrappy top, this was a fun way to incorporate this flannel that I grabbed from Joann's a while back during a flannel sale. I've never had issues with using flannel backing with a cotton top. I'm sure it'll wash up to be a family favorite quilt in the house.

Learn more about the Free Peanut Butter Quilt Pattern

 Quilt Top shown with quilt corner folder over to show off sushi backing fabric, quilt is on top of grass


With there being so much going on in the quilt top, I knew I needed to keep the quilting simple. I had just designed this Domestic Waves pantograph for a client and decided it would be a fun addition to the scrappy peanut butter quilt. Love the quilting design? It's one of mine available in the shop, pass this link along to your quilter or you find more info below about having me quilt up your quilt top.

Learn more about the Free Peanut Butter Quilt Pattern

 Quilt folded over on itself multiple times photographed at an angle

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Closeup of the patchwork of quilt and quilting  

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Learn more about the Free Peanut Butter Quilt Pattern

 Quilt folded onto itself once with quilt top the only item in photo

 Quilt swirled at centerQuilt photographed at an angle with grass in the background and a corner of the quilt flipped back onto quilt top to show off backing, photographers boots are in the photo on the grass

 Cooler tones of quilt are photographed at an angle and close up to showcase fabrics as well as quilting

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