Timber Diamond Plate Quilt

Timber Diamond Plate Quilt

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 Diamond Plate Quilt draped out of top drawer of dresser in a large sunlit room

Did I go over board on making Diamond Plate Quilts? Maybe...but I don't regret it one bit! Keep scrolling to find out more about this fun Timber Diamond Plate. I made the queen size, but would you believe me if I told you that you could make this in a couple of dedicated weekends? I like to tackle one style of block first and then move onto the second style block the second weekend. I'm pretty certain I'll be keeping this Timber Diamond Plate for the house, it's too fun and perfect for the outdoorsy person in your life!

Grab the Diamond Plate Quilt Pattern Here

 Diamond Plate Quilt made on sunlit bed with a bedside table next to bed

Moda's Timber Fabric Line by Sweetwater

I've been really trying to branch out of my standard color scheme, for no reason other than to grow. I am so happy I took to the leap and grabbed these Timber Layer Cakes up from Fat Quarter Shop. Seriously they are adorable and have a lovely earthy tone that leans a bit more modern with the black and white included. I paired it with my favorite zen grey Bella Solid by Moda for the background fabric. I love using a grey or darker background to hide the inevitable spills and stains that life brings.

Diamond Quilt top showing in bottom left corner with backing fabric folded over to show backing and binding in center of picture.


This year I've really been trying to use the fabric that I have on hand. Binding is a great way to use up some larger scraps! I had some leftover Architextures Wideback from Carolyn Friedlander from a previous quilt. I trimmed up what I had left for my binding and it was enough to complete my quilt. Yay!

Grab the Diamond Plate Quilt Pattern Here

 Aerial view of diamond plate quilt on a bed with pillow at the top of bed, quilt turned down to show backing of quilt.


I've been in a bit of a Fireside kick over here, maybe it's the long winter but I want all my quilts to have that lovely soft texture that you just want to cuddle further into. I used the dark grey fireside in 60". I only had one seam. The trick with minky, fireside or any other soft backing: make sure the stretch is in the same direction for all pieces if you must piece your backing together. Your long arm quilter will thank you, and you'll be so pleased with the finish of your quilt!

 Quilt folded over itself multiple times to show different blocks and quilting on quilt


I had been eyeing this Wood Grain quilting design from Urban Elementz for some time. I knew with the purchase of the Timber fabrics that it was just a matter of time before I was able to use it on this quilt. What do you think? I aligned the design so it would run top to bottom on the quilt rather than horizontally, I love the finish.

Grab the Diamond Plate Quilt Pattern Here

 Quilt swirled at center

I’d love to see you put your own spin on the Diamond Plate Quilt Pattern – be sure to share your quilt on social media with the #DiamondPlateQuilt and #mtsew 

 Quilt Crinkled

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Grab the Diamond Plate Quilt Pattern Here

Quilt pictured showing quilting design

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 Diamond Plate Quilt pictured at angle showing quilting and quilt blocks

Grab the Diamond Plate Quilt Pattern Here

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