Top 4 Teacher Gifts

Top 4 Teacher Gifts

We have profound respect and appreciation for the people that devote their lives to teaching our children. We can't imagine how tasking it is to give so much of yourself to each child's needs on a daily basis. It's more than a job, it's a calling.

May 4-8 is Teacher Appreciation Week. This week is a time we set aside to show our teachers how much we appreciate what they do for our kids. We think that nothing says we appreciate you like a handmade gift.

Here are our top 4 handmade teacher gifts!


When we went on the hunt to find out what teachers really want, we found out that it's not a candle, a mug or another piece of crayon art. What we found that they value the most is a heart felt note.

Tell your child's teacher how much they mean to your kiddo. How they helped him overcome a challenge or something particular they taught her. And get the kids involved!

Put some fabric scraps, glue sticks, scissors and paper out and see what they do! They can sew the scaps, glue them or both.

Then make the card extra special with a handmade fabric envelope.

Find our free pattern and tutorial HERE.


This project may be our favorite right now. It's the DIY Plant Kit. This kit is so awesome because it comes with everything you need to create these fun plants for only $12! In addition to the kit you will need a sweet little container for your plants. Try using a tea cup or a small tin.

This is another project that your kiddos can get involved in. Depending on how old they are they can help you stuff the cactus or even make the entire thing. We have a Kids! Class they can take too.

Add a thoughtful note with the plant - "Teachers plant the seeds of knowledge that will grow forever." - or "Thanks for helping me grow."


The Journal Cover is another house pattern written by Roxanne. It's easy to follow. In fact, we were able to cut and sew this project in about an hour. The kids can help create the cover or even make the entire project.

Stop by the shop and pick out some bright home decor fabric for the body of the journal. The best part of this project is that you can use some of these scraps you've been saving to make a truly unique journal cover. If you're nervous to take this project on alone, jump in our Journal Cover Class.

Don't forget to include a clever note - "We thin you're NOTEworthy!"


We know we use a form of the zipper pouch for just about every gift list, but it really is our go to gift. It's just so dang useful and quick to make! Make one and you'll be hooked too.

We've found this particular version to be our favorite. We carry notebooks, pens and other types of things back and forth from home to work all the time. We can only imagine what a teacher carries during the school week. This would be perfect for them to keep things togehter.

Find the Zipper Pouch Kit here. It includes easy to follow illustrated instructions (don't be afraid of zippers!) to make three versions of the zipper pouch, including this one. It also has all of the materials you need to make a basic pouch.

We hope that you are inspired to make something really special for the teachers in your kids' lives.

PS - Don't forget about their music, PE, media, para and art teachers. They are easily overlooked but work just as hard.

UPDATED 1/17/19: Second Rendition of Zipper Pouches

Since I've been on an organizing kick lately, I've been making an extra few of these pouches to keep things nice in tidy in my backpack, purse, and in the car! I also am making a few of these for our daycare instructors for a Valentines gift (since I fell behind on the Christmas zipper pouches for them...better late than never right?)

Sew you wanna know how much time it's going to take?

Less than an hour, I may have gone over board and prepped 8 zipper pouches

Once you get comfortable you can probably make a simple zipper pouch in about 15 minutes.

Tips to avoid the dreaded seam ripper:

-Make sure to use a zipper foot when it's called out for in the pattern

-Press the fabric away from the zipper prior to sewing the right sides of the liner and exterior pouch together

-If you are fearful of sewing zippers, don't be! This is the perfect project to warm up to sewing with zippers.

When planning for zipper pouches:

-You can make 2 zipper pouches out of 2 fat quarters, and (2) 9" zippers

-I'm a big fan of bulk cutting fabric and then just going to town and sewing all the pouches at once.

Check out the Zipper Pouch Pattern - HERE! There are 3 different styles of pouches in each pattern!

Or the Zipper Pouch Kit - HERE!

**Fabrics shown in this blog are from my stash, so there aren't available in the shop**

Do you need some fresh fat quarters to make these awesome pouches? Click HERE!

Or maybe you need some zippers, check out the best priced zippers around - HERE!

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