UpCraft Club

UpCraft Club

We are so excited to tell you about a new company we are working with, called UpCraft Club! UpCraft Club is your one stop shop for all of your PDF sewing patterns. They partner with indie sewing designers, like Amy Butler, Cashmerette, and Hey June to name a few. Many of these designers offer their patterns as PDF downloads only and until now there was no way for us to carry these patterns in our shop. We are so excited to be able to support these indie designers AND introduce you to so many great new patterns!

Here's how it works:
  • Stop in the store to see our featured patterns with samples. These handy cards are available free of charge so you can check out the pattern details while you are in the shop and purchase your supplies.
  • Take the pattern card home with you and follow the link to purchase the PDF.
  • Or simply visit the homepage to check out the entire catalog of patterns! Shopping online with UpCraft still supports your local shop (and we really appreciate it!)

We are so excited to be able to offer you a special deal, this week only!

For the next week, we are offering 25% OFF all of our PDF sewing patterns through UpCraft Club! Visit UpCraft.Club/ModTextiles and use the coupon code: ModTextiles25 at checkout! (Offer valid until Sunday, July 17th)

Here's a few of the brand new samples we have on display in the shop made from our featured patterns!

The Biscayne Blouse Sample Size: Medium (pattern runs large.) Fabric: Chambray Union in Indigo

The Limon Dress and Top Sample Size: 18 Months Fabric: Diamonds Lawn in Ochre, lined with Philately Lawn in Silver Class: July 28th 6-9pm

The Crop Top Set 2715 Sample Size: Fabric: 1" Black and White Carolina Gingham Class: Tuesday, August 30th 6-9pm

PDF patterns are new to some of us. So what's the advantage to using PDF Sewing Patterns?

  • If you accidentally cut the wrong size or spill your coffee all over it, you can simply reprint the pattern! The downloaded file is yours to keep, so you can reprint the pattern as many times as necessary.
  • PDF patterns are often less expensive than hard copy patterns since you are not paying for professional printing, packaging, or postage.
  • Start sewing the moment inspiration strikes! Even when the shop is closed for the day, you can still purchase a new pattern by visiting our UpCraft Club URL! (UpCraft.Club/ModTextiles)
  • You can support your favorite independent designers! Plus, all patterns on UpCraft Club are curated and vetted for quality, so rest assured you will find only the best indie patterns out there.
If you are new to PDF downloadable patterns, we would love to help you get started! Swing by the shop or read this great tutorial about how to use digital sewing patterns! We have some amazing classes coming up using patterns available on UpCraft Club including the Crop Top Skirt, Limon Dress and Cheyenne Tunic. This week is the perfect time to sign up for a class and get a great deal on the pattern! Watch for more samples popping up in the store from UpCraft Club Patterns and keep an eye out for our featured pattern cards. Don't forget! Shop now and save 25% off ALL of your PDF patterns. Remember to use coupon code: ModTextiles25 at checkout!

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