Winter Retreat Questions Answered!

Winter Retreat Questions Answered!

Maybe we have chatted with you about our upcoming Winter Retreat in the shop or you have read about it a bit online but you still have questions. Well you have come to the right place! All of our most common Winter Retreat questions have been answered below! Let us know in the comments if there are more that we didn't think of and we'll answer those as well! We can't wait for retreat weekend and to get to sew with all of you! 1. What is the Modern Textiles Winter Retreat? Our dream for this retreat is that it's a break from your everyday life. That it's a chance for you to get away and dive into a project you've been dreaming of, or maybe it's a great opportunity for you to finish up all the projects you never thought you would get done. Maybe this is your time to try something new and stretch yourself creatively. Our goal is for you to leave with your creative bucket filled. Ready to go back to real life with a new focus and a refreshed spirit. Invite a friend to join you, or come anticipating the new friendships you'll make. The community of creative makers is a warm and welcoming one. 2. What do we do at the Retreat? Are there classes?

The retreat is an opportunity for you to work on projects that you are in the middle of, haven’t started yet or started a long time ago and want to finish. It’s an opportunity for you to be around other makers and people who love to do the same things you do. You can socialize with other like-minded people, get a lot done and get help when you are struggling with something. There are no formal classes, but there will be some demonstrations on various techniques that you can choose to be a part of or not. Totally up to you. We want this to be about what you want to learn and get done. Connie, Roxanne & Katie will be around all weekend to help if you get stuck, not to mention a whole room full of makers that are helpful and kind!

3. Do I have to stay at the hotel?

While staying at the hotel is not a requirement of coming to the retreat, we definitely recommend it. While it may seem weird to stay at a hotel when you live in town, it can also be really nice. A lot of people like to stay up late or get up early to sew and it’s nice to be able to just head upstairs and go to bed rather than drive across town after you are done. Also, a lot of our past retreaters have said how much they loved being able to have a weekend to themselves. They stayed at the venue and were able to fully commit themselves to the things they wanted to accomplish and to meeting new friends. It can be hard to have that same ‘me time’ feeling when your kids wake you up early or don’t want you to leave for the day.

4. I have to work that Friday. Do I have to get there by a certain time?

The retreat will begin at 2pm on Friday but you are welcome to come any time after 2pm that day. The guest rooms will begin to open up at 3pm so you can set up your sewing station at and then check into your rooms. However, there won’t be a formal beginning until dinner at 6:30pm when we will be welcoming you all!

5. What should I bring?

You will want to bring everything you will need to create what you want that weekend. Your sewing machine, cutting mats, rotary cutters, pins, marking pens, patterns, etc. Anything that you will need to complete your project. As we get a little closer to the retreat, we’ll be sending you a check list of everything you may want to bring to make your weekend successful! You’ll also know if you need to pick something up the week of the retreat (see FAQ #15).

6. I won’t know anyone there!

Yes you will! You’ll know us! Roxanne, Connie and Katie will all be there! Besides the three of us though, a lot of our past retreaters have come on their own without knowing another person. Everyone is super friendly and you will definitely leave with a few new friends! Come with an open mind and heart and get ready to have fun!

7. I’m a night owl/early bird sewer. How late/early can I sew?

You can stay up or get up as early as you would like! The sewing room will be open as late as you would like or can be opened up as early as you like. You just need to let the front desk know when you are done or when you would like to begin.

8. What if I have food allergies?

No problem! We’ll have some choices for your meals that you will be able to choose from before the retreat begins. If you have an allergy that you want us to be aware of, just choose the meal that you would like and we’ll let the hotel know about your allergy and they will provide an alternative for you.

9. What is all included in the retreat fee?

The $250 retreat fee includes the space to create as well as all of your meals for the weekend. Dinner on Friday, Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner on Saturday and Breakfast on Sunday. We’ll also have snacks available for you. Also - each hotel room has it’s own refrigerator, so feel free to bring your own snacks and drinks if you like specific items.

10. Why would I want to sew at the retreat? Why not sew at home?

The retreat is a great excuse to sew for an entire weekend without the distractions that ‘real life’ can have. Whether it’s a show on television that pulls you away or your children or significant other wanting your attention, it can be easy to not accomplish all you wanted. At the retreat, you are able to fully concentrate on your projects. You are surrounded by other makers who are trying to accomplish all of their makes as well! And what could be better than finishing a project and being able to show it off to a bunch of other people who can appreciate all of the work that you put into it?

Have you been dying to try something new but nervous to do it alone? Make it at the retreat and get the help and support that you need when you have questions! Maybe you’d like to try appliqué, paper-piecing or the often dreaded zipper. Maybe you have been wanting to try the Fancy Forest Quilt but it feels too intimidating. Try it at the retreat! There will be lots of people who have done all of those things and would love to help you out when you get in a jam!

**Edited to add: I've heard from a lot of people who don't have children or distractions at home and can sew whenever they want, so they wonder why they should pay money to come to the retreat. I totally get that. I asked one of our customers who is in this exact situation - she can sew anytime. I asked her why she came to the retreat last year and why she is coming this year.

"I love the Modern Textiles Winter Retreat! I went for the first time last year, I was hesitant to register at first because let's be real, it was expensive and I don't have any kids or any real life getting in my way of just being able to sew at home whenever I want! But the retreat was COMPLETELY worth it! It was relaxing and rejuvenating to my creative spirt! I didn't pay attention to my cell phone, didn't have to cook for myself or anyone else, lost touch with what was happening on Facebook and got LOTS of projects done that I'd been dreaming about and planning for months (or maybe a couple weeks). I made new "sewing friends" that I follow on Pinterest and can stay inspired by all year long! I'm looking forward to seeing those friends, making new ones, and seeing what the MT ladies have in store for us this year at the retreat!" - Lacey Hoppe

It’s a great place to recharge and feel supported.

11. Is this just for quilters?

This retreat is definitely not just for quilters! Whether you love making quilts, bags, clothing or items for your home, we encourage all sewers to come to the retreat! So many of the people who come love to make a variety of things so you are bound to find others making similar things as you. Connie has big plans of making dresses and tops that she has been dying to make all year along with some improv quilting techniques she has been wanting to try! Roxanne has lots of new pattern ideas that she wants to test out. Katie would like to make some quilts for herself as well as try paper-piecing and appliqué. We encourage you to stop by our tables to see what we are up to as well!

Ready to sign up?! Head on over to our website to sign up for the retreat and get the info you need to get yourself a room!

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