Yak Blanket FREE Tutorial

Yak Blanket FREE Tutorial

Grab the free yak blanket tutorial pattern here!

I know, I know...I've been over doing it on the Yak blanket on social media! I promise this to be one of the only blog posts about them - at least until next fall :) So many people have been ordering these kits that I thought I'd throw the pattern online!

Sew you wanna know how much time it's going to take? About 2 hours, with plenty of coffee breaks Grab the FREE pattern download here! Finished product size: Approximately 63"x54" Tips to avoid the dreaded seam ripper: -You'll have to help the Yak through the sewing machine, this guy is a slippery fella....but don't push it through, keep pace with the machine -When topstitching at the end of the project, ensure that you sew through both layers of the opening you left when turning the blanket right side out. -Have a vacuum ready for the end of this project, the yak likes to shed. A lot. Don't worry - once your blanket is complete the shedding will end. Dig around in your stash and maybe you'll find all the goods to make this lovely blanket, or something similarly cozy and warm for the winter season! Stay tuned for next weeks blog for an item that will make for a cute add onto to this blanket...the flannel pillow. Sign up to get the FREE downloadable pattern HERE!

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