Jungle Paradise Lucky Log Cabins Throw Quilt

Jungle Paradise Lucky Log Cabins Throw Quilt

 Quilt draped out of top drawer of dresser in living room. Dresser has a stack of books, picture frame and plant on top.

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 Lucky Log Cabins quilt made on bed. View from the foot of bed with a nightstand to the right of bed with book on top.

This is a second collaboration quilt with my daughter! Maybe you read last weeks first collaboration - Sincerely Yours Lucky Log Cabins. Well, she caught sight of my Jungle Paradise jelly roll and wanted to make a matching Jungle Paradise Lucky Log Cabins throw quilt for her brother. Hopefully she continues to think of her brother with this kindness, it's definitely not the norm around here :) Read on to see this fun and wild Jungle Paradise Lucky Log Cabins

Grab the Lucky Log Cabins Quilt Pattern Here

 Aerial view of lucky log cabins quilt made on bed, with corner of quilt pulled back to show backing fabric.

Jungle Paradise by Stacy Iest Hsu for Moda

I've already scoped out where you can grab some of these Jungle Paradise jelly rolls, all you need is one for the small throw lucky log cabins. Fat Quarter shop has them on hand and ready to ship, as well as yardage for binding or backing fabric!

Angled up close shot of quilt to show off baptist sunrise quilting and design of quilt. Last week I mentioned how great this quilt is for kids to help out with. My daughter helped again with counting out the number of strips we need in each block and with the block placement. I think it's also great for beginners because there are no matching seams and you don't need any backing fabric! Grab yourself a Fat Quarter pre-cut bundle or jelly roll and off you go!

 Quilt folded onto itself twice to give dimension to the quilt. Close up shot with only the quilt blocks in frame.

Binding Method

I didn't have enough scraps on hand to make a scrappy binding to match the sister quilt, so I grabbed a jungle themed half yard pre-cut I had on hand and used that for my binding. I think it's a nice contrast of navy to stick out from the rest of the quilt top. What do you think?

Grab the Lucky Log Cabins Quilt Pattern Here

 Close up shop of backing fabric surrounded by the quilt top. Grey backing fabric on top of orange and green quilt top.


To match to Sincerely Yours quilt I stuck with the fireside backing. I really love the soft backings for the cooler months and just in general. We've had the cheaper throw blankets around our house for years and they're always a fan favorite...so why beat 'em when you can join them and turn your quilts into the ones everyone grabs for. You can grab fireside here.

 Quilt Crinkled with close up photo of the quilt. No binding or background shown in the picture.


I was looking for a jungle themed quilting design at first but nothing really caught my eye. I then realized that my Baptist Sunrise pantograph would not only be on theme, but also make this a quilt that could last beyond my son's younger years and not make it so child-like. If you like this pantograph feel free to request it when you send your quilt in to me or you can send your local longarm quilter to my site so they can purchase the design for their use.

Grab the Lucky Log Cabins Quilt Pattern Here

 Quilt swirled at the center of the quilt. Close up shot to in well light room.

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If you’d like me to help out adding quilting to next quilt check out my long arm quilting information page to send your quilt in! If you have any questions about quilting feel free to email me and I’m more than willing to help you out. If you have your preferred longarm quilter already but love this design then direct them to my Heart Peel listing page.

Grab the Lucky Log Cabins Quilt Pattern Here

 Close up shot of one full block and partial blocks surrounding it, with the back of the quilt folded over to showcase grey backing fabric and texture as well as navy printed binding.

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Grab the Lucky Log Cabins Quilt Pattern Here


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