Koselig - Speckled

Koselig - Speckled

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How has a week flown by since the release of the Koselig quilt? Check out the crib quilt I made with a Speckled Charm Pack. I’m a sucker for a good pre-cut -- I mean, it cuts out a bit of the cutting…meaning more time for me to be at my machine! Wondering what Koselig means and why I decided to name this quilt after some of my favorite memories? Check out the cover quilt blog here! Let’s dig into the Speckled crib quilt further!

Grab the Koselig Quilt Pattern Here

Bella Solids + Speckled

I always keep a bolt of Off White, Zen Grey and Black Bella Solids on hand. I use them for so many projects and literally burn through a couple bolts of each a year – so it just makes sense to buy by the bolt in these two colors. I grabbed some graphite to mix in for this crib quilt, allowing for that Speckled charm pack to really be the star of the show. When laying my blocks out, I really could’ve been picky and made a nice ombre/rainbow layout – but let’s be real, that takes time – something a lot of us are short on these days. So I went with the random route. I tried to make sure the blocks contained opposites of warm and cool colors. I love the randomness and wouldn’t change it a bit. Want to this Speckled charm pack for your stash? Grab it here.

Grab the Koselig Quilt Pattern Here


I’ve got a lot of dove grey speckled scraps laying around from trimming quilts. So it’s now turned in to my go to binding. As soon as I trim a quilt, I will instantly cut them into 2.5” strips and create binding. I’ve got quite the stack of dove grey on hand, but it makes the process of finishing a quilt that much easier when half the battle of making binding is done!

Grab the Koselig Quilt Pattern Here


For the number of quilts that I create throughout the year, I finally splurged on grabbing a full bolt of speckled wide back in dove gray. It’s the perfect neutral fabric with a little something in the metallic print. I love not having to piece backing, it makes squeezing my quilts on the longarm that much easier!

Grab the Koselig Quilt Pattern Here


With this being such a monochromatic quilt with all sharp points and geometrics, I decided to make it a little fun with the Thread Garden pantograph! I have it in my library for your picking if you want me to lend a hand with longarm quilting services. It was designed by Jess with the Longarm League. I think it’s the perfect touch of fun and whimsy for this baby quilt.

Grab the Koselig Quilt Pattern Here

I’d love to see you put your own spin on the Koselig Quilt be sure to share your quilt on social media with the #MTKoseligQuilt and #mtsew

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