Stardust Mini Quilt - Ruby Star Society

Stardust Mini Quilt - Ruby Star Society

Today I’m showing you the second rendition of my Stardust Mini Quilt pattern, fabrics from Moda and Ruby Star Society! This pattern is a part of the #12Minisin12Months2022 on IG you would’ve seen January’s mini from Knot and Thread – you can grab that here. There will be a new designer for each month, so make sure to follow the hashtag over on Instagram! I used this pattern to give me a little sewing motivation after the holiday season. Read on to learn about all the details of the Stardust mini quilt.

Grab the Stardust Mini Quilt Pattern Here

Mistake City!

I’ll be the first to admit when I make a mistake have learned to accept mistakes in quilts as beautiful flaws that make them unique and give them that handmade element. Can you see where I goofed on this quilt? The large half square triangles on the border of the quilt are all flipped the wrong way! At least I mad the mistake consistently J One of my friends noticed the mistake before I ever did. Don’t be hard on yourself when you make a mistake, we all do and we all live to tell about it.

Grab the Stardust Mini Quilt Pattern Here

Darlings from Ruby Star Society

I’m crushing hard on the Darlings line from Ruby Star Society line, and keeping in line with the rest of my Stardust Mini quilts, I’ve used only scraps! You may have noticed this mini quilt looks awfully similar to a previous quilt I made in 2022 – you’re right! These scraps are from my Patchwork Flying Geese quilt. The fabrics are all Ruby Star Society and Bella solids. I’ve linked the RSS darlings pink lemonade fabric below. Fat Quarter shop has their latest Darlings lines and all of the Bella Solids, my favorites!

Darlings Fabric at Fat Quarter Shop


I had a couple of lengths of some Bella Solids left in my stash to make up a single color binding for this quilt. I love that it frames the mini so well! How do you feel about bold bindings? Are they your friend or foe?

Grab the Stardust Mini Quilt Pattern Here


If you read my blog about the Stealth Stardust Mini from last week you’ll recognize this piece of Ampersand studios fabric. I had a large enough piece for both of the mini quilts to be loaded on my long arm at the same time and use the last of this fabric up. Goal to sew up stash fabric – achieved!

Grab the Stardust Mini Quilt Pattern Here


You’d never know it unless I told you but I quilted this on my long arm! I have a cross-hatch design in my database and thought it would be more time efficient and would come out better than what my impatient self could manage on my domestic. Stick around for next week’s blog and you’ll see how I’ve let my walking foot skills slide to the wayside.

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Grab the Stardust Mini Quilt Pattern Here

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